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I can feel my mind going...

Maybe this will signify the end of's shit phase

Oh, no. Probably not.

New Crow Valley Computer Wizard website

Well an updated one anyhow.

You can view this at

That's all for now ;)

Knife Sheaths

Well it's November, Christmas is just around the corner and I will be having some well earned time off. Not one to spend time off idlely, I will be looking forward to get back into the shed and putting my creativity into action.

I was looking for some 'tactical' sheath designs for inspiration for my next project.

and I came across this

Which has some really beautifully made sheaths with dramatic designs incorporating modern Kydex materials with the more organic leather.

Then I stumbled across this...

Bloody hells bells. "that's not a sheath, this is a sheath"

Pics from Scott's stag do

The pics (and one video!) I took on the weekend are now on Facebook and flickr. However the 51 second video of a rousing chorus of Delilah is only on flickr.

If people could help me tag people on the Facebook set, it'd be appreciated.

I had a random @reply on Twitter from an account associated with I noticed this and I noticed this link: Five Stag Pranks You Shouldn't Try At Home. These two caught my eye.

This first one for sheer ludiciousness:

The story so silly that if we didn’t have a picture we wouldn’t believe it, this stag was taken away on holiday by his mates and they clubbed together and bought him a midget. Who they painted blue. And dressed as a smurf. And handcuffed to the groom. So for four days the groom and smurf had to eat, sleep, drink and… suffice to say, they were close by the end of the weekend.

And this one for there-but-for-the-grace-of-Godness:

One stag was picked up by a fishing boat on the Isle of Wight after apparently being stripped naked and falling off a pier. Locals had alerted the Coastguard after hearing his cries for help. ”He was very cold and said he had been on a stag do on the island. The fishermen dropped him off on Ryde beach and he was last seen running naked towards Ryde,” said a representative. “Obviously we were a bit worried about him catching hypothermia but we haven’t been able to find him.”

Mr Pickles

Wandering around Greenwich on Sunday, I encountered this chap who claims to sell "the hottest sauce in the UK". This claim is cleverly founded on the principle that (apparently) anything over 1,000,000 Scoville units has to be labelled as a "food additive" and not a sauce. So, he sells a 975,000 Scoville sauce.

And yes, it certainly was scorchio. I am told I maintained a fairly poker face but the guy I was with (Craster from Beex) went reddish, purplish, and then had violent hiccups for a few minutes.

This is still some few levels shy of the more nutty stuff Nick and Badger were eating though.

Bushcraft - Outdoor shenanagans

Yo! a big hello to all the people I know and need to abuse lots more.

I have been into 'making bushcraft stuff' recently with the advent of the workshop ;)

Anyway: - the F ot K.E & the Shed of Antioch proudly presents: -

1. the alcohol stove (Made from 2 Fanta 'zero' watching my figure so I drank 2 - Pop cans)

2. the Wood-Gas stove (Made from a stainless steel biscuit container & cutlery drainer honest & made with my fair hands)
The knife in pic #2 is my very first attempt at knife-making.

3. the Knife Companion which holds a sharpening stone / honing rod & a Fire-flash

4. Bear Grylls (Bayleyknife) Clone Update Check out the bevel in Pic #3

Other project(s) on the go

Wilkinson Sword Dartmoor knife Blank (no pics yet)
Damascus Steel hunter (no pics yet)
And just taken delivery of some high carbon 01 tool steel for a woodlore - Ray Mears clone.(no pics yet as it's just a bar of steel go-on use your imagination)

Kitchen knife -
Stainless steel blade , Ebony handles, White leather liners & silver steel pins.

Oh and Rob has a new crazily named 'Volcano Stove' for canoeing which inspired me to make the Wood-Gas stove above. I know, I know - other people use a canoe Rob uses a stove.

Taking orders now ;) they all have order number 69 and I will answer my phone in a chinese-welsh hybrid comedy accent for the next two weeks.


A quiz & some news from the - Fellowship of the Keen.Edge

Ok lads, this quiz is an old one which I stumbled across while browsing the forums at

Where I will be posting images and updates of my ongoing knife projects. And field tests of my own projects eventually ;)

It's much much shorter than the previous one. Have a go if you have a spare hour: -


Hot off the Press:
Here is a sneak preview of my current project. (in progress)

BG Clone

There will be more productivity from me on the knife project front
as I now have a new workshop in my shed.


1. To Gaywood for his help the shed's re-costruction.
2. to the almighty Egg for his help on the workshop.

Don't shit yourself....

Toby, imagine if this was your garage.....

Been a while since something has entertained me as much as this...

Yet again the Foldmiester has done something....possibly uniques and quite charming. If your into BF (And you should be really) you will love it and even if your not it's still very satisfying

Best caught on Spotify ;)