GREAT Britain - Remind me again why I bother paying tax and NI

I awoke this morning a pretty happy guy, I am off to watch a rally this weekend and in a weeks time I am off to the med for some sun as sadly our summer seems to have turned into monsoon season in Asia.

Server payments needed urgently

So far, I have only received four payments for the server for 2007, from Scott, Martin, Jez, and Edwina. This leaves me rather short and I need to give money to Dave urgently.

I am still expecting payments from at least Nick, Richard, Matt, Toby and Steve. Is that OK with you guys? If you aren't willing to contribute this year, please tell me as soon as possible, to prevent the next paragraph happening again.

Latest update: Nick has now paid.

Also, as a few people have dropped out of paying this year (Sian, Fiona) I need to up the fee to £30 to cover it between us. Unfortunately I didn't know they were going to drop out until after Scott, Martin and Jez had paid, so can I please be a real pain and ask you guys to chip in another £6 each? Sorry for the mixup.

Free Goodwood tickets for Friday 22nd June

Daily Times is giving away 7500 pairs of tickets for free here.

Hurry up if you want them!

Google Apps for your domain

If I were to migrate the email on from the existing service to Google Apps, would people think that would be a good thing or a bad thing? Basically, Squirrelmail/Roundcubemail/IMAP would go away and be replaced by a Gmail-like interface. It wouldn't be Gmail though -- mail would send/receive from, and the email accounts wouldn't be merged with any gmail ones you have.

Upsides are I have a lot less stuff to look after on the server -- the email subsystem is more work than everything else combined -- and the quality of spam and virus filtering is likely to increase. The sophistication of the webmail client will definitely increase. Downsides are we'll lose IMAP support and some control over how the mail system works.

Google Apps offers a bunch of other stuff too but I think we either wouldn't use it (calenders, docs, spreadsheets)) or it's inferior to what we have (Postnuke/gallery). It's just the email I would be interested in.

Thoughts? I'm going to evaluate Google Apps with for a while and come back with more concrete information on what this potential move might mean.

More Snowdon Pics

Further to Nick's post you can find my version of events in Snowdonia here.

Thank you to everyone for a thoroughly enjoyable weekend!


Snowdon 2007 - With special guests

Gentlemen the eagle has landed, Well maybe not but the first pics from the weekends activities are now in the gallery, I look forward to seeing the rest.


We would also like to thank our special guests

Dave and Tony.

Humble Pie

If anyone is thinking of cooking for me I've found a good recipe.

However in my quest for images I believe I may have unearthed evidence of a young Powell enjoying success in a pie eating contest.

Congratulations on avoiding the wooden spoon!



Raise a glass to Grenfell Jones who died yesterday. Better known as Gren the SWE cartoonist, I had the great pleasure of meeting Gren on many occasions in my youth (my old man worked for the Echo) and I even have a 1987 Gren diary kicking around somewhere which he drew a cartoon in the front for me.

He was a very funny guy and a great cartoonist.,,2032391,00.html


Hi all, in anticipation of saturdays big game and to commemorate Wales' outstanding performance in this years six nations competition I thought I would present you all with a gift.

You may receive your gift by clicking here.

Hope you all enjoy and best of luck against England!


Happy Birthday

Just wanted you all to join me in wishing our fearless sys admin Mr R Gaywood happy 29th and the fact he is safe in the knowledge he will always be younger than jez. :)

Happy birthday fellow birthday buddy.