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New Eggwan site online

OK, I've played about with it enough. It's got a long way to go still, but I think it's far enough along that we can live with it for now. So without further ado, I pronounce the new open for business.

Read on for more details.

[updated 08:52 2nd March]

Eggwan server payments for 2007

It's that time again.... we all need to pony up some dough for the server as Memset are chasing Dave for a renewal. This time we have no domain registration costs to meet so it's a bit cheaper (we also get a small discount for the "hosted by memset" thing at the bottom of the page).

If the same 10 people as last year are willing to contribute, it'll be £24 each. Is that OK by everyone?

Payment instructions are the same as last year.

PM's response "Scrap the planned vehicle tracking + road pricing policy"

Just had a email from the PM, the Big Cheese, The head Honcho, Numero Uno, The Big Boss. Yes it was from Burt Renyolds himself.

No, Seriously I have just received a response from Tony Blair (Proabably along with the other 1.76 millon people who signed the pet).

Take a look...

WRC TV Coverage

Is it me or is WRC getting less and less coverage?

The latest round was in Norway (a brand new event for this years championship), and with copious amounts of snow and ice, it was an excellent rally with some storming stages.

However, ITV seem to have downgraded its coverage to one miserable hour for the entire event, and it's on ITV4 (I didn't even know I had ITV4 until now!).

I can't believe that the popularity of WRC in this country warrants just one
hour on a Sunday evening, on a "lowly" channel!

Anyway, rant over. :-)


Och Aye Tha Noo Mofos!

New pics in the gallery with a tartan feel....

Enjoy. Even if, for 80 minutes, it felt like 1991 again. I'm not sure if losing to Scotland is worse than losing to Western Samoa in the World Cup or not given the current climate. I think it is in light of how far Wales have come since then and the standard that this group of players have set themselves is high, significantly higher than what we saw at Murrayfield.

Mr Gareth Jenkins: Welcome to coaching Wales. I like the cut of your jib. So let's get it right shall we? The Turks always did know how to play good rugby.


Martin may think his Fabia is the boss, but he's got a long way to go yet.

Scameras begone

Safe Speed have started a petition on the Downing Street site to have speed cameras scrapped. I expect full involvement from you 'orrible lot.

It's all happening...