Uh oh...

Check this out. Is this the ultimate Big Brother?

I wonder how long before these appear on the M4?


Richard Gaywood, floruit 1644 - 1688

I have only just discovered how versatile Richard really is. I did not know he had paintings exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery! Perhaps you already knew this, but click the link and have a look!

Do you consider yourself to be lucky or unlucky?

This describes some interesting research.

Wish me luck in my exam in 50 minutes time!!

Windows Vista

Anyone had any experience of Windows Vista?

Reason I ask is Mum and Fiona both had laptops around Christmas that qualify for the Windows Vista Express Upgrade scheme. Means we can get an upgrade copy of Vista Business (upgrade path from XP Pro) for about £12 and an upgrade copy of Vista Home Premium (upgrade path from MCE 2005) for about £16.

Seems like a worthwhile deal to future-proof to me even if it's just for a valid serial number to use in a year or so once Vista has had its major bugs fixed and is more widely supported.

Also if you too had a new computer bought between 26th October 2006 and 15th March 2007 from certain manufacturers you could get this deal too!

Any responses from comedians along the lines of "pirate it" and "install Linux" will be ignored!! LOL!

Dominos Meltdown...

I have just experienced Level 2 of this cheeky little number.

I have to admit it is possibly the hottest thing I have ever eaten.

I mean really hot. I'm talking, "So this is Dave's Insanity Sauce, let's give it a go... Pass the spoon." hot.

From (you do have to register)

- Level 1 features Spicy Meatballs, Chilli Cheese Slices, Jalapeño Peppers plus a generous drizzle of American Style Mustard.

- Level 2 with added fresh Red Chilli Peppers.

- Level 3 topped with Chilli Flakes.

If you want my opinion, it's not necessary to add the extra Chilli Flakes and anyone sensible will opt for Level 1. Otherwise you will need at least 3 cans of lager per slice. I did.

I am not looking forward to its "passing" tomorrow. I still haven't fully recovered from that jalopeno sandwich I ate that time......

Today is a sad, sad day indeed...

Dinner time will never be quite the same again for single men everywhere

A moment of quiet contemplation in memory of our own times as single men lining this man's pockets please.

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to wish everyone a very merry christmas and a happy new year

Rallying - Loeb tests new C4

Loeb tests the new Citroen C4 WRC Car

Here is some cracking footage of Sebastien Loeb test driving the new C4 WRC. The car that is likely to dominate the WRC for the next few years.

The EggWan Xmas Eve

What can only be describes as a unique tradition is about to unfold once more.

Starting from about 6pm at the usual venue of the Crows Nest, the Eggwan crew will be celibrating the yuletide by getting so drunk they won't have to get up in the morning and go to the in laws for lunch :)

Over the years I have honed this to a fine art so if any of you need any pointers ;)

As with last year it has been proposed that we done a new Eggwant poloshirt. This years model will be navy blue with a square version of the Eggwan Logo and a printed on the shoulders. Costs are around £18 each but I may be able to get this down with the application of a bit of technology.

Let me know what size you need