Trading Standards Madness

I had to bring this to your attention.

Taken from The Times Online

A SPICY sausage known as the Welsh Dragon will have to be renamed after trading standards’ officers warned manufacturers that they could face prosecution because it does not contain any dragon.


Does this mean that Fairy cakes, Brownies, Ocean Pie and Tiger Beer will have to change?

Up the Duff

I would like to put all the rumours about my virility to rest.

Powell is most definately not firing blanks. The baby is due in June.

It's a bit weird as I didn't know how to tell everyone and this seemed like the best way to get it out. I have to plan now, boy or girl I want it to be changing my brake pads by the time it's 11 years old...

Stroke Association Rally - Saturday, October 28, 2006


Just incase anyone is interested in this I have posted what's on the CC website. I have been in touch with the organiser about track time too. It seems there is a lunchtime 1st come first serve public track time policy. I will be packing my lid ;)

Entry isn't hugely expensive although the exact price isn't quoted anywhere. If you want to go/meetup prior to going in let me know. I am going to make a day of it. I will also be taking an umbrella this time :rolleyes:

Thinking the Unthinkable...

Ok. So first I thought the unthinkable....

That AOL deal looks good, and as a homeowner I need good deals more than ever!

And anyone who knows me knows how much I like a "good deal"!

Updated 22nd Oct 2006
And so the AOL shitness begins.

It turns out that their SMTP server blocks all traffic except from an email address. In addition to this as an ISP they block all traffic except their own on port 25 to try and make you use AOL email.

Gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay...

Updated 24th Oct 2006
Problem solved. Gmail offer SSL authenticated SMTP. So I can use that.

Still gay, but less so.

Gentleman, the burger has landed...

Mcdonalds have started to do the Big Tasty once more in their autumn promotion.

I just thought I would share that with you.

Richard Hammond - Man down....

As you all may have gathered now Richard Hammond (Aka The Hamster) managed to flip the jet powered drag car he happened to be driving whilst doing 280mph resulting in him sustaining very serious head and back injuries. set up a fundraiser to pay for the £350 Air Ambulance bill. The donations currently stand at around £52000 and are continuing to climb. The support for the short guy has been amazing and rightly so. I hope you will all join me in wishing him a speedy recovery and the best for his family and friends.

You can donate to the Air Ambulance here

You can read the news story here

You can read the Powell fueled rant over certain media reactions and this bloody nanny state we seem to be drowing in here

Home ownership!

It has finally happened.

Fifi and I own a house.

It's all very exciting. At the moment we live in a kingdom of cardboard boxes and bin liners, but as soon as we are straight I'll invite people round. There will be a housewarming but we seem to have our weekends pretty much booked up in September so it may not be this month.

See you all soon*!

Pictures to follow as soon as we have taken them! LOL!

updated 17.09.06Pictures are now up

*Homeowners only.
*Your home may be at risk if you do not keep up repayments.
*Remember the value of your investment may go down aswell as up.
*Interest rates vary.
*Terms and conditions apply, ask instore for details.

The BIG weekend 2006

Given this is, terrifyingly, next weekend (Fri Aug 4 - Sun Aug 6), is anyone going?


If anything, Saturday night presents a chance to see The Automatic without paying a fortune/booking six years in advance.

Oh, and you can bring drinks, so long as they're a) not in glass, and b) not into the actual fairground, thus avoiding being gouged by the 'Warm Grolsch Trailer'.

Dance! Dance! Dance!

The Hoff does it again.

This is quite possibly his crowning glory

Get in my car

The guy must have balls the size of melons.

You've gotta love Clarkson...

Fair play, Mr. Clarkson is never shy when it comes to expressing an opinion.

This time he is upsetting Bus Drivers, calling them "little Hitler Bastards" and saying that they should be "shot in the face" if they don't let cars go first.

Clarkson upsets bus drivers

A bus driver has challenged JC to have a go at driving a bus in a city centre. Sounds like a good idea for a Top Gear feature :-)