Disabled roundcubemail

I think I may have traced the memory leak that has been plaguing this site to roundcubemail. I'm going to disable it for a few days and monitor the memory consumption to see if it helps.

You can still use only-a-mother-would-love-that-face-mail.

Gallery reminder

Everyone needs to go to gallery.eggwan.com, logout, then log back in. That should automatically create you a user gallery under Personal Pics.

As each person does that, I'll re-import their old gallery1 photos under that area. If you need it done sooner, drop me a mail.

Gallery pictures deleted!

Look at this line in our logs: - - [24/Apr/2006:16:48:40 +0000] "GET /main.php?g2_view=core.ItemAdmin&g2_subView=core.ItemDelete
&g2_itemId=7&g2_selectedId=5774&g2_return=main.php&g2_returnName=album HTTP/1.0" 200 10833

That's someone on a Cardiff Uni machine deleting the entire Personal Pics bit of the gallery.

Anyone want to own up? It's either got to be one of us committing a hideous gaffe or a security problem.

Here's another gaffe: my backup wasn't working. Best I can do right now is to restore the Personal Pics section from the old gallery.

Update: I have turned on an option in the gallery to automatically create a per-user sub-gallery when you log in. Next time you log into it, the gallery /users/user_name will be created, and once it is, I will import the old gallery photos into your new folder. I've also tightened the permissions; now, we cannot delete each other's photos -- only your own. I had previously thought it unlikely we would have a problem like this so had left that permission open.

It's like glastonbury with leeks!


Anyone else feeling sadistic, I quite fancy the Saturday night with the GLC and Feeder?

Although a fringe festival sounds like marketing code for Dirty Hippies/Crap Comedy/Fire Eaters. I'll take a Zippo.

Outage today

Eggwan.com and most of the services was down today because the server ran out of memory. Having no RAM to continue, it helpfully decided to kill the database server, which everything else relies on. Hence no site.

I've restarted the MySQL database server and tuned the memory consumption down to the bone, less than a quarter of what it was. Hopefully this will prevent the problem recurring. You may notice a performance hit from the memory decrease; let me know if so.

Gallery upgraded

I've upgraded the gallery to version 2.1 for all sorts of goodies. The theme is currently broken, I will fix it soon. The site appears to be fully functional however.

VTG 274S

It's finally gone

In a bid to clear out the rubbish making room to work on A333 PGW I had to finally get rid of VTG 274S.

Raise a glass if you can

The Mini is dead. Long live the Mini!

Here's to St Patrick!

I hope everyone will have the opportunity to raise a glass of the black stuff to St Patrick today. I know I will ;-)

Me and my new job...

I just quit!

I have accepted a job as a HR Officer with a company in Cardiff. I finish career pimping on Friday. I'm quite excited!

Its that time of year again....

Sometime during the 16th century God himself invented the game of cricket and decreed that it should be blessed upon the English. The English, being a giving nation, in turn gave cricket to the rest of the world and in an act of extreme generosity allowed the rest of the world to beat them for many years.

Well that was then, this is now!

Rejuvenated after regaining a small pot of burnt wood from the Australians England are once again riding the crest of a cricketing wave and this summer will entertain Sri Lanka and Pakistan. With Pakistan boosted after defeating the Ashes holders on the Sub-continent and Sri Lanka full of the performance enhancing qualities of tea it promises to be an exciting summer.

If anyone is interested in watching this greatest of spectacles let me know and I will book some tickets!