An announcement of my own

The great Eggwan car replacement program continues... icons like the Saab and Cav(s) are gone... now it's the Vulva's turn. Steve has bought a Skoda Octavia!

You may have heard me mention it at the Hallowe'en party, but the other day I was browsing Trader at work and saw it... a car that ticked all the boxes and then some.

It's the 'posh' Elegance, 1.9 TDi, with 16" alloy wheels, 6 disc CD changer. It's the 110bhp version, which is still, incredibly, only group 7 (contrast with the Volvo's group 9). It also has heaps of other nice options that I can't remember now, but the owner's brother was kind enough to indulge a fairly long test drive so I can confirm it is a lush thing to drive.

Proper pics to follow, but it's an 2002 (51 reg) with just over 60,000 miles on it, one owner from new, FSH, and seems to have been loved. I'll be picking it up next week, barring any untoward incidents.

"Enthusiastic" Drive? Not anymore you don't...

Here it is then... the ultimate big brother. Designed to track everywhere we go and everything we do, and to end the "spirited" drives that we all enjoy every now and then.

It just makes you want to emigrate....

Pistonheads Article


An announcement...

As most of you will have heard this week there will be a fairly major change in my wallet.

The Saab is gone.

Long live my new Ford Mondeo!!!

I just won a Register T-shirt

I entered this with a written-in-twenty-seconds response. And now I've won a T-shirt and got my name in lights with words I didn't even write! Hurrah!

This is a CD that every single self respecting Eggwanner should own!!!

The Future: A Night J.R.Hartley

Ladies and Gentleman........"would you please charge your glasses"

What am I saying Fuck the ladies this post is for the "Men" only (Are there any men left out there?)

An outing. Before we all climb into our little shells like the hermit crabs we have become, before we buy houses and become even more skint. Before we generally set up camp with the little ladies............I suggest:-

A NIGHT on the piss very soon. As I have forgotten what my friends look like. I am honestly afraid the next time we will all be together will be at someone's bloody Wedding. This simply cannot happen - "The fellowship" has not fractured...........You remember the fellowship:

Little............(General and Badd Ass!)
Richard Gaywood...(Tech Head with/without beard)
Nicholas Stokes...(Master fighter skilled @ attrition)
Toby Higgins......(Dwarf Class and Chief Master Taster)
Jeremy Tomlin.....(Asset Management and Cleaner Class)
Scott Mayled......(Comedic Genius Master at pulling the V's)
Martin Powell.....(Engineer Class with a new VTR)
Matthew Wooller...(Holder of the keys to the inflatables???)

Remember; "Life is for living!........Make it happen in 2005 Please!!!"

Therefore I want suggestions, when people "Can" do this....... I will be waiting. I also have a mobile phone the number: 07979-69-LU-SH

Some HOT news!!!!

Sadly some months ago I finished off the last of my "WHO DARES BURNS" chilie sauce in a melt your month, disolve your eyes and rip open your arse mexican.

Alas a search has been on ever since for a replacement, so Badger and myself have searched too the ends of the earth for an even hotter and more dangerous replacement.

We have found it.....

Jersey DEATH!

Jersey is ALIVE!

A quote from the lable

"WARNING - This product contains the hottest known ingredients of plant earth, please use with extreme caution"


"DEATH should not be consumed without dilution"

Apparently this bad boy sauce is 750 times hotter than a jalapeno chile.!! (that means higgins you can't spread it on bread and eat it)

I'll let you know how it goes, but if you are sleeping tonight and suddendly get awoken by what sounds like an ass falling off and a loud scream, that will be either myself or badger.

If anyone wants a sample it can be arranged..

Google ad performance

Well, we've now had ads active for 19 days, had 17 click throughs, and made $3.27. Which is surprisingly decent! It'll still take over two years for Google to pay out, and it's still only making 10p a day, but this is quite a lot more than I expected to make. Is anyone finding them irritating, or are people OK with it?

A grand experiment

As you've probably noticed, I've added a Google Adverts bar to the left side of the site. The chances of this generating any revenue for us is pretty small, frankly, but it doesn't hurt to try; any money generated for this will be directly used to pay for hosting for the site. You never really know what this will earn until you try.

In order to try and get it visible, I've had to re-arrange the blocks a little bit. If anyone really hates what I've done I'll change it back... comments, anyone?

In any event, I'll probabably hide it from registered users when I remember how to make PostNuke do that! That'll more or less make the site go back to normal when you're logged in.

I also like how right now, it's decided should advertise jobs in Cardiff, mp3 downloads, James Bond posters, and 80s CD collections. I smell the hand of a Higgins.

UPDATE: after five days, we've had 238 page loads, 2 clicks on adverts, and earned 31 US cents. Which is clearly not much money, but on the other hand, is a lot more than I thought we'd get! Mind you, they don't pay out until we reach $100, which at this rate will take until early 2010. Hmmm. Perhaps this was not a stunning success.

I am tempted to rejig my own pages (which is well overdue) and put ads on them on the same accounts. That might boost it a bit. Maybe we should write some more interesting content and get the page impressions up a bit. It'd be nice if we could make the site pay at least a bit towards it's hosting costs...


As the site now seems to be a place to air grievances over the general demise of Eggwan while proposing bands to go and see I thought I'd join in. Plus I was bored having now discovered the joys of student life.

A-ha are playing in Cardiff on the 11th of december (a sunday), its 25 quid a ticket (plus booking fee and anal rape charges), for anyone not familiar with the work of A-ha they are a Norwegian three-piece who recorded the classic 80's hits Take on me, The sun always shines on tv and The Living Daylights (the theme from the James Bond film of the same name).

Anyway its nearly 5pm, I'm off to start drinking.