The tragic death of Eggwan?

My balls aren't just shrivelled, they've fallen off (how's that for a summary to read on the main page?)

Anyway, I pose a serious question:

What on earth has become of you lot? As Martin seems to have noticed, the place is borderline DEED. *prods with stick*

Have we all withdrawn so far into our aging selves that we can't even arrange to meet up and slur drunkenly at one another?

Trapped in the ice

Is there any life out there?

Interesting question as I try and try to find it and realise that invariably the lights are on but no one is home.

Well as I seem to be going through a bit af a mid midlife crisis I find it no longer acceptabable to just mow the lawn and go shopping on the weekend. My recent trip to the Beuatiful Days festival made me realise how much I missed live music and "The Scene" (Life, it's not what I thought it was).

Problem, all the bands around at the moment are at best mediocre, I mean who in their right mind would spend £30 to see a fat chick on drums and a thin guy on a guitar play and sing very badly for 1 1/2 hours?

So what have I found? Well the new Bob mold album was.... at best not that good so I will be refraining from a visit to London to see him. How about getting your teeth into this;

Saturday 10th December
London Forum
doors 7pm
£15 advance

Are you normal?

It's so true...

It had to happen. At least now we have proof that spending too much time with Mobile phones can effect your health.

The stress and strain along with the silly hours and strange locations saw the symptoms start to occur whislt doing a corporate event in Cowes. The tragic results can be seen here

Lucky, this condition was later treated with 9 pints of Strongbow and the symptoms were just replaced with a bad head and bad guts.

When Good Eggs Go Bad

I've been a naughty boy.

That's my shadow.

That's my new car.


Hard drive failed on arawn

Just to warn everyone -- my 200Gb hard disk in arawn has packed up, seemingly for good. It was out of warranty and I am currently too poor to afford a new one.

This means that

1) arawn's daily backups are not currently functioning and
2) if the other hard drive in the RAID array goes, then the whole of arawn -- my collection of Simpsons, the entire contents of the gallery, the wiki, this site, all of it -- is toast.

Obviously, this is not ideal. I'll try and figure out a solution ASAP. I just thought I should let everyone know.

Everyone needs a little Mould in their life...


Date: Tuesday 6th September 2005
Venue: Mean Fiddler
Address: 165 Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0EN
Time: 19.00
Price: Face value: £16.50, booking fee: £3.50.
Phone: 0870 060 3777

It's not often you get these opportunities. You should take as many as possible before you get too old to give a shit. Let me know if you you want to go.


Technical hitches

There was a bit of a problem with the email. Somehow, my (very cheap and nasty) router managed to crash in an interesting way: it could connect to everything on the internet except my ISP's machines. This means it couldn't pass email on to Plus NET's SMTP server for delivery, so all outgoing email has been held in the queue. The problem looks like it started back in the small hours of the 29th, so it's been a few days. This problem would have effected all outgoing email from Squirrelmail but probably not from Outlook or any other mail programs you use (unless you've set it up in a slightly odd way).

I can only apologise for this. It wasn't until Dave mentioned to me early he hadn't had any emails from me this week I realised there was a problem. All the affected emails have now been sent, albeit late.

Sorry again,

And while I'm apologising, Scott, your earlier post here was lost because when I changed your Wiki link (which doesn't work in PostNuke) into an HTML one, I slipped with a closing quote and messed it up. Could you re-post it please?

Not been my week at all, has it?

House Warming - Well it's already pretty warm, but I am having a BBQ

To mark our return to the property ladder I have decided to chuck a BBQ at our new Gaff in the Centre of the Universe.

This will take place on the 4th of June kicking off around 7.30pm.

Come round an marvel at our hilariously painted living room, gaze in wonder at our gold radiator and stand back in amazement at the world smallest pair of patio doors. Or you can like either me or Carrie have at recent BBQs, get so drunk you can't stand up, embarass yourself and have to leave by 10.30pm.

Mail me for the address/directions etc

Dave's Insanity sauce? Pah....

Just For those of you who found Dave's Insanity sauce a bit wussy;

Take a look at this...

Apache web server on arawn tuned

I have tuned the webserver used for all of to more memory conservative settings. I need everyone to pound on the site for the next few days and tell me if they see any problems -- slowness, error messages, whatever.

This is part of an experiment to see if we can get away with the 64Mb RAM server option, that is only £19 a month.

Update: after Dave's comments and my own experiments over the LAN (where my ADSL is obviously not a factor), I turned Apache back up to the faster settings. It was just a bit too slow.