Paying for to get a new server

I've firmed up my plans on this and I'd appreciate comments from everyone.

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Rob and Carolyn's wedding pics are finally available!

They're not in our gallery but the photographer has a gallery associated with his site

Username: belver
Password: valeria

There's a lovely shot of J and Donna snogging and one of a fine figure of a man demonstrating exquisite skill with a rugby ball...... ;-)


I'm buying a Nikon D70 body tomorrow (Mon 18)
Anybody want to buy a coolpix 5700?


How quiet it is in here.
Rich is busy, I know that
Toby has turned to the dark side and is now a career pimp
What about the rest of you skanks?

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath

Picked this up last week at launch. Well guys, it would be a shame if you missed this one, as not only is it the best looking Xbox game I've ever seen, it's also a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE amount of fun to play. It may be a bit linear, but all in all that is forgivable when a game is this much fun to play. Looks better than Fable, plays like Halo (with a third person mode thrown in as well), has the bonkers characters from the oddworld series, the maddest 'live' ammo you've ever seen and a great sense of humour and characterisation.

My game of the year so far, and looking at release schedules it's difficult to see it getting bettered.

To summarise... I haven't played many games since before Christmas; think maybe two hours a week. Got this and played all day Saturday. I haven't done that for years.

Go get, you skanks!

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2005

Friday 24th--Sunday 26th June, 2005. Who fancies it? Entrance is ticket only this year -- you can't buy one on the gate. Those who went in 2003 can confirm it is a very good day out indeed.

Costs break down like this: entrance only is £20/£35/£42/£77 (Friday/Sat/Sun/weekend). A grandstand ticket is £35/£60/£72/£132, with a choice of several grandstands. I'm sure it was a lot cheaper than this in 2003! Petrol is probably a tenner a head, assuming four to a car. If the weather is anything like 2003 better budget another tenner for bottled water, too!

For those who need reminding or who didn't go last time, on all three days you get the full range of paddock access to all the cars. Friday and Saturday there are practice runs of the hill climb, and on Sunday the timed hill climb competition takes place. It took us almost all day last time to get around the paddocks, and we didn't watch much of the hill climb -- but what we did see was very good. Watching the racing without a grandstand ticket is a bit awkward and last time we all wished we'd paid the extra.

So, whaddya reckon, folks?


Having watched the first half of the Ireland v England match at Lansdowne Rd, and seeing how poorly the favourites are playing, I'm starting to think it may be a good idea to try and secure some tickets for the Wales v Ireland match, because on current form, I reckon we'll rout 'em!

So.... any of you lads got any contacts to help with this, or should I just console myself with a pub with a TV near to the ground?

Gallery might be broken...

I can't seem upload pictures to my gallery; not sure what's broken and I don't have time to fix it just now. It's best to regard the gallery as "at risk" until further notice.

Badger, if you get stuck in the meantime, email me and we'll come up with some alternate arrangements for you.


For those of you that wanted it, here it is.

I will be leaving Waste on on my desktop in the days (and probably evenings) now, so feel free to leech away. My Shuttle is a noisy little bastard so no chance of me leaving it on overnight sorry.

There is A LOT of mp3 you probably won't want as it's too cheesy and I am gradually getting some FLAC too.

Enjoy (or not as the case may be)




Get Waste from here

Read the Waste tutorial here. The only thing not listed is that you have to run a listen server too for it all to work properly.

Connect to me on Email me to exchange keys.


In a remarkable turn of events Eggwan member Badger (Matt Wooller) is reported to have made his first million.

Our sources indicate that after arriving in Zimbabwe he visited the bank to change money into local currency, after presenting the cashier with 1500 South African Rand they were seen to hand him back a cool 1.5 million Zimbabwean Dollars!

When questioned about what effect the new found riches would have on his life he replied "I doubt it will change me all that much, although maybe I'll get a bit more attention from the ladies now I've got some serious bankroll."

And does he have any plans for the money? "I'm going on a microlight flight over Victoria Falls tomorrow, I'll probably just spend the rest on beer and food." he quipped.