Dean's Project Track Car - Honda CRX

Here are some photo's of my mate Dean's new project - a 1989 Honda CRX that is to become a track car.

The stripping out process has already started, followed by the addition of "certain extras" to prepare it for track use according to Dean :-)

I have already booked my seat as a passenger for a run around Castle Coombe!


New Year's Eve 2004/5 photos

Toby obviously had more patience than Nick, as we now have
219 photos, weighing in at 258Mb. Eeek. Please be nice to my poor ADSL line.

Google madness

We are hit number 9 as of 2005-01-24. Hah!

More photos

Greetings all, I've stuck a few more photos on, they're mostly of me interfering with wildlife.

I will arrange private viewings of my scuba diving (which was awesome) photos and skydiving (which was even more awesome) dvd and photos when I return. At the moment I'm just south of Sydney and in a couple of days will be flying to Tasmania to hunt for devils.



Ashes Tickets

I have been investigating tickets today via the internet and most grounds have sold out of online tickets for the Ashes. There may however still be tickets available via the ticket hotline (08705 338833), I am unable to phone this number as my phonecard won't let me, Toby or Jez, would one of you be able to ring and find out if tickets are still available to any of the tests please? Maybe use a work phone??

There are a couple of other options, 5th day tickets for the Oval are available now for 10 quid each (Theres always a good chance the Oval test will run into a 5th day).

5th day tickets for the other grounds are not sold in advance and therefore will be available once the match gets underway.

Join the England Cricket Supporters Club (There is a link on the ECB website and you can enter into a ballot to purchase a pair of tickets for one day of the Ashes games (I have done this anyway just to get the cap and mousemat!).

Try and get tickets for the Edgebaston Test which according to their website aren't on sale yet, Edgebaston is one of the easiest grounds to get to from Bristol or Cardiff as well.

Could you let me know how you get on with the ticket hotline please? I'm still very keen to watch some cricket this summer so I suppose theres always the Bangladesh games to go and see (might be a more favourable result too!)



Merry Christmas

Greetings all, just thought I'd wish everyone seasons greetings from the other side of the world. Hard to believe its christmas as I look out of the window at palm trees shimmering in the 35 degree heat but never mind.

I've even had to go to the video store and rent a couple of Bond films as Australia doesn't follow that great tradition of putting them on telly at christmas.

Well have a great christmas everyone!!!


A sad day

Ladies and Gentleman:-

I would like to propose a minute's silence, for truly, one of our brightest has fallen.

FREE MMORPG! Onoz timesink!

Hey up.

EW, Little and myself wanted to play a new MMORPG in the new year. The toss up was between EverCrack2 and World O' Warcraft. Unfortunately, EQ2 is cack and WoW isn't out until February. So they started playing Horizons or something.

Then, someone sent me this link:

Anarchy Online, the futuristic sci-fi MMORPG, is giving away FREE ACCOUNTS.

The conditions are:
-you must register by January 15 2005
-you can't use any of the expansion packs (which all look like Dodgy City anyway)
-they might well run out in January 2006 (which means you'd have to start playing).

But, for a huge and popular game, a free year isn't bad, is it?

What do you reckon, peeps?

The dreaded aging process

It comes for us all. For me, I am about to hit the quarter century, hence I invite you all for a night on the tiles.

Venue to be determined (subtle hint: suggest something, keeping in mind we did pay £10 for a pint and bottle in the Slug yesterday night ffs) but date is definitely this Friday (December 17th claims Windows System Clock, helpfully)

Christmas Drinkies with the Screenster...


Screeny is doing his usual disappearing act this Christmas, and will not be around after December 21st.

Therefore, we are organising a night out for a beer and catch-up with the wee man.

Due to the busy social calendars associated with the festive season, the only remaining weekends between now and the 21st are non-starters, simply becuase we can't get an evening when everyone is free.

Therefore, we will be having a few quiet drinks in Cardiff Bay on the evening of Tuesday 14th December. The plan so far is to meet in the Waterguard about 8pm, and then probably on to Terra Nova or any other drinking establishment that isn't Salt.

Hope to see you there,