Event: New Year's Eve
Location: "The Quay" (TM)
Date: 31st December 2004
Time: When you can be arsed til late


For those of you that do not want to queue up and pay lots of money to rub shoulders with the VC in on New Years Eve, there will be a select gathering in the waterside des res of Jez, Nick, Toby and special guest Cyan Thomas on the eve of the New Year...

Entry is strictly at the discretion of the management, although the odds of you being admitted will increase if you bring several bottles, some food and of course a party trick.

Parking is limited folks, so we may need to think about the logistical arrangements. However, accommodation can be provided if you (a) don't mind sleeping on a floor and (b) are willing to help clean up in the morning.

Please be warned that the music will be at the discretion of Jez, Nick and Toby, so expect plenty of early 90's dance cheese, power ballads and of course, Chesney.

You loves it.

RSVP. Please. Like.

Jez, Nick, Toby and Cyan.

New photos

Hi all, just a quick note to say there are a few photos of Kakadu in the wildlife and scenery albums and even a display of great offroading by myself!



Server mathematics

I had a "thanks, but no" from Celtic this morning on the server. So, this is where we are now:

A Memset Miniserver 4000 account with cPanel added is £39 a month, £37.55 a month for three months paid for up front, or £33.20 a month if we buy the entire year up front. I've also had a lot of conversation with Memset's tech support and found them friendly, approachable and good to deal with. I've reviewed US hosting and whilst it's quite a bit cheaper, it's also probably quite a bit slower and an extra 0.1 seconds each time you read an email might not sound like much but I suspect the lag would be annoying for IMAP. I've reviewed UK alternatives and I can't find anything compellingly better than Memset. If anyone would like to suggest somewhere, now is the time to say.

Now, for financials.

Jez, Nick, Toby, Scott, myself, Badger and (I think -- he was ambiguous) Steve have all offered to pay a small sum. That's seven people. So, for per month, we'd be paying £5.57 each; discounting for three months would bring that down to £5.36 and for a year £4.75.

So here's a propsal. We pay £16 each now to rent a server for three months. If it all goes well and everything works and suchlike, then in the middle of February, we put in another £57 each. That would pay for the server through until Febrary 2006, barring any upgrades (like if we fill the hard disk). It's a little steep as a one-off payment but it does cover us for a twleve month.

Alternatively, we could just pay monthly and then people don't have to find one big payment -- but we lose the 20% discount then. We could also get a few more more people: with 8, it's £14/£50, with 9 £12.50/£44, and with 10, £11.20/£40. Easier to swallow then.

I think a physical meeting might be a bit hard to organise (see discussion in another thread), so I'm posting this up here for: suggestions? Comments?

eggwan changes

I suggest a meeting for the founding members to discuss eggwans future, lets say either this sunday or next thats the 21st or 28th nov. location Adventurers quay or the woods house. What does everyone think. In attendance should be

Little (owner)
The wood (fearless sys admin)
Eggwan himself
The American
The Jezmister

post comments guys...

Important question: how do you use the gallery?

I am currently looking at options for Eggwan's hosting, which is an ongoing headache for me. I would like to open a discussion about our options -- click Read More for my thoughts on the subject. Please read this - it's very important.

Update 2004-11-18: I've started investigating possible hosting firms in the wiki. Feel free to hunt down virtual server companies and update that page with more options for us.

It's........Actually here

Like a spectre, a ghoulish nighmare that I can't quite get out of my head, Halflife-2 is haunting me.

I swore I wouldn't actually touch it because the entire world had been pissed around so much by now I though I didn't care about the game.

The truth is all so different.

I cannot walk past the window of any given shop and not buy this game. I had to stop myself from signing up to Steam yesterday (I really dont trust that just yet, I still want a package!).


Pass me the Crowbar.

I'll see you on the other side.

More photos

Well there are some new photos in the gallery.

There are some photos of some weather and the Octoberfest.

Sadly none of them can compare with the spectacle of Toby's halloween outfit but you will find conclusive photographic proof of the link between drinking beer and attracting ladies.

Could someone with some know-how possibly add some links for me please?



(Links added by Toby)

Halloween Party 2004

Here are the photo's that I took at Rich and Kathryn's Halloween party.

I'm sure Rich will find them useful to piece the night together again after his drunken shenanigans!

There are a few good pics of Toby aka Dafydd in his 'The only gay in the village' costume.



Photos of where I live

Greetings all! Enjoying the cooler weather? Just in case you were wondering what its like to live in the tropics I've put a few photos in the gallery, in my scenery of Australia section.

They show the inside of my flat and a few shots of the local secenery. Feel free to enjoy them while you consider whether now is the time to put the heating on all day.





Austin Rover (

When searching for some Mini related stuff the other night (Pugsley isn't dead, he's just resting till I've got some cash to finish him), I came across one of the most interesting, complete and informative sites I have ever seen.

It is a fantastically detailed look at everything Austin Rover based. It is well worth a look, a lot of things you would never have known as well as an amazing insight into some of the stuff that never was.

A lot of the prototypes that never made it to production are resting at the museum in Gaydon.

Hmmmm. My idea of a good day out (Unfortunatly for the Handbrake). Wonder if Powell SNR and Powell SNR SNR would be interested?

That is all.