Metro GTI - White

You will all be pleased I am sure to hear that subject to me picking it up from the isle of wight (yes thats right) on Thursday i have purchased another Metro GTi, following the tradition of my last two this one is also white. its the later L reg GTI with the Multi Point fuel injection system.. So here it goes - go kart driving for another 12 months.

Anyone want a calibra for £1200 bucks drop me a line..

Sorry martin i didn't fancy the Nissan!

Peugeot WRC Testing, Tyle, Sep 04

Here are the pics from when a few of us went to see Harri Rovanpera testing the 307 WRC at Tyle the week before the Wales Rally GB 2004.

It was very, very wet, but well worth it, as we got to meet Mr. Rovanpera and watched up close as he threw the Pug around a classic Welsh forest stage. Managed to get very close to the car and the team in the service area. Top stuff.


DOOM 3 - A minor review

Actually more my opinion, but I try to be a good boy and think about both sides of the story.

You install it (takes about an hou FFS), and you then spend the next 3 hours reinstalling you VC drivers and tweaking the settings to get it to run as fast as possible, but with the best quality. At this point you either decide to carry on of reach for the controller. I have come to the conclusion the if you don't at least have a Radeon 9600xt 128 or GeForce FX 5700 Ultra 128 and at least 1.8 ghz of horse power then you probably won't get half the visual effects and a lot of the positives will be lost.

I settled on HQ 1024x768 with everything but AA turned on (I never seem to be able to tell the difference when actually playing, so sod it) and got a reasonably good 40-50 fps average, which i was quite pleased with.

Now, the actual game.

Ok, it looks stunning. The detail is amazing the animation and models are just soooo good and it does indeed run well (See above). I have some really nice screenshots, but i wont bore you with them (Shit that would be worse that looking at two weeks of holiday snaps from Porthcawl!). The effect of actual live shadows in the game is so good. They can literally scare the shit out of at any point. It is also the first game I have ever played when something will sneak up on you from behind. I always found myself playing it with the sub up in the dark and being totally on edge the next day. It really does create an atmosphere with amazing light and sound effects...

...for the first 3 levels. By then you have become used to the sometimes pitch blackness of certain areas which will more often than not contain all manner of nasties and you will tire of yourself just emptying clips into dark corners. You will also have become near infuriated by the endless repetition of having to either find a door key or a PDA to gain entry to another area, then kill a load more bad guys and so on. Did I say I liked the fact that a monster will always sneak up on you from behind? Well again after a few hours of it you develop this pattern of entry where you sweep a room or area by going backwards (Yep, I jest not) but even though it is challanging to start with, it just gets bloody annoying after a few hours.

The weapons effects are quite diverse but the range of guns is obviously in keeping with DOOM tradition. Different weapons are more effective than others against certain beasties, for instance dont even both with the Assault rifle if you are faced with a chain gun trooper it will take you hours.

All this said, the presentation does make up for some of depth. I completed it on the "recruit" difficulty (Easy) because I wanted to take in the visuals without having to spend all the time blasting endless monsters. As you get towards the end of the game it just becomes really difficult and therefore a bit tedious. To be honest I struggled to find the motivation to finish it.

The game play is really all the same and there is lack of depth to the story (There is no mystery, no real sub plots. If you can't work it out in the first 20 mins then you better just stick to your Speak an Spell). There is only really one decision you have to make and I'll spare you the 5 seconds of agony and tell you that it makes no difference....

It was interesting to see so many parallels with this game and the original Halflife - Invasion from another dimension/hell, facility on lockdown/cut off, your own guys tring to kill you, strange creatures spawning all over the place. There is even a tram system for you to work out in it... Hmmm, seen that somewhere before. Shit you even have to crawl through service ducts with a torch.

I think you would be a bit miffed if you parted with hard earned cash for this, I know i would be. It was a good blast and it really looked amazing but it just didn't "grip me", after a few hours I found myself in a state of non grippedness except for the odd scare.

Maybe it's my age, maybe these type of things just don't float my boat anymore I don't know. One thing I do know is that even when this is out on GOTY or just on the budget shelf, I will not be bothering.

Please god I hope HL2 will be worth the wait...

Anyone for tennis? Sorry I mean cricket.

I know that this summer is not yet over (its not even begun for me) but next summer heralds the arrival of one of the greatest sporting battles at our shores in the form of The Ashes, yes that time once every year and a half when the plucky losers of England and Wales once again bravely take on the world leaders in yet another sport that we gave to them (that is cricket for the benefit of any Americans reading).

Yes its England vs Australia in 25 days of gruelling competition and I would like to know if anyone would like to attend one of the 5 test matches that will be taking place at various cricketing institutions around the country.

It will most likely be world no 1 v world no 2 (Australia are no1 England are no2, but this may change by next summer) and will be Englands first real chance of winning the ashes since 1987 (funnily enough the year I left Australia, perhaps I should stay here?).

Could anyone who thinks this may be of interest please let me know and I will look into costs and suchlike, I would really like to go along for all 5 days of a test, get some silly costumes, banners so we get on telly, lots of beer, get sunburnt and maybe watch some cricket at the same time, basically 5 days of drunken idiocy and sport.

Could all interested parties please register in the comments section.

And now I'll leave you all to get back to cars and computery stuff.


BMW Films

For those who don't already know about this, last year BMW spent a fortune making some semi-advertising short films with genuine Hollywood star directors (Guy Ritchie, David Fincher, Ang Lee, many others). The result was a series of actual proper short films you could download from, with some quite stunning stunt driving -- one of the other directors, John Frankenheimer, did Ronin.

Downloading them from is tedious.... so I automated it, and when my downloads are finished, I'll re-share my complete collection over Waste. I strongly suggest you leech them. They're really very good indeed.

Read on for the full, detailed breakdown on who directed each film. They all star Clive Owen, incidentally.

Re-admission to the brotherhood of Derv...

After an 18 month sabattical, I have re-joined the Brotherhood of Derv.

My old Cupra has been replaced by the new Cupra TDi. This was something of an impulse buy, which as those of you who know me will know, is not like me at all...

The new Cupra features bigger wheels, a redesigned front, a bodykit, but most importantly of all, an oil burning powerplant.

This is no ordinary diesel however... it's 150 bhp, and has enough torque to peel the skin off your face when accelerating. Nisch.

A shitty quality phone photo can be found here.

Proper photos to follow...


Complete Waste tutorial re-write

So now there are no excuses for not joining in the fun. Get it while it's hot.

Addictive new toy

Go to and marvel at a full list of all the search engine searches that produced hits on in the last month or so. Gasp! At the hits we get because of "heather+brooke+deepthroat". Be amazed! At people looking at Cavalier alternators. Be shocked! By someone search for "eggwan".

Each link is presented as the raw entry from the log files, so you need to squint a little at the URL to work out what the search terms were. But you can normally see. Clicking the link will take you to the original search page and terms that generated the hit.

The page will auto-update each night. Enjoy!

Private p2p

I encourage people to read this and install the waste software. I think this could be a very cool thing if we all get involved.

Halflife 2 - The saga ends...?


The release date for HL 2 is September 3, 2004.

I am taking the week off work. God help VU if it is either "delayed" again or if it blows.

It gets better...

Doom 3.
is also pending for an August 13, 2004 launch.

In the usual manner I will need to perform certain "enhancements" to obtain optimum performance from my now 8 month old system. (I upgraded it especially for the HL 2 release date in january).

Now, am I going to be that nieve and stupid twice...