Friday the 13th come early??

I always knew today wouldn't be the greatest day as I had to go to my sons birthday party (I love my son but spending 2 hours in the company of 20 screaming brats isn't high on my list of priorities).

First, I wake up with a cold.

Second, the delivery of baking ingredients I was expecting to collect tonight won't be ready until sunday.

Third, I go to the party (which actually turns out to be the highlight of the day).

Fourth, my dads car breaks, leaving us stranded in Barry for 2 hours while we wait for Bryn the breakdown driver, during this time my ex attempts to poison me with dodgy Sicilian wine.

Fifth, having arrived back in Yate I get dropped off at my house with my mum, as I attempt to unlock the front door, thinking of the pint of blackthorn that awaits me in the pub, the bloody key snaps in the lock! We then have to wait another half an hour while Bryn drops my dads car off and returns my dad, whilst waiting one of the neighbours amusingly quips that "at least its not too cold tonight".

Bearing in mind that tomorrow is actually friday the 13th I intend to stay in bed all day, with my luck the way it is I'm sure I'll be able to achieve this by breaking both my legs while asleep.

3 spanners? Pah...

Nick's Calibra has lovely new stoppers front and rear.

See the paltry 3 Haynes spanners ovecome!

The people of Swansea

Apparently everyone in the lovely little seaside town of Swansea is called Bryn, I was amazed. Well Gents I had a wicked time so I think next month we should do more of the same? anyone else up for it? Maybe we could try Aber next time?

After a three day hiatus, we return

Man, that was obscure. Apache wouldn't start and gave no error messages at all. In the end, I resorted to strace apache -F, which showed the last thing it did before crashing in a heap was access /dev/urandom. Googling for that eventually found someone else with the same problems, who had traced it to a problem with some php4 libraries. I uninstalled the libraries, which didn't seem to be used for anything anyway, and now it all Just Works again.

I think the crash was triggered by arawn trying to update itself, which I have now disabled.

Bloody PHP is the bane of my life. It's caused three locked-solid problems on arawn so far. Grrrr.

XBox Head to Head, Any Takers?

XBox Owners

If anybody fancies trying out XBox Link please post a comment. I quite fancy a Halo Deathmatch or a round of golf or tanning some asses at Project Gotham or possibly another game on the list.

If anyone is interested have a look at Xbox Link and let me know once you have a gamer tage set up. You might also want to list any games you have and fancy playing.

We can then arrange a time to play, I haven't tried it yet but I will!

(Fuck headest support, I'll open the window and shout abuse at youse all!)

The Egg

Birthday season is upon us!

Oh yes.

Mr Powell and his significant other, Carrie (yes they share a birthday. Is that even legal??) were born 20-odd *cough* years ago today. To be followed by the majority of us in the next 2 months.

Now I can barely remember my own birthday let alone anyone else's so can we all bung our birthdays up on here somewhere so we can plan the consumption of fermented grain products.

I'll start.

Mine is on the 17th February.

Mozilla Firebird v0.7


It seems as thogh when Mozilla is refreshing the Shoutbox my browser is coming up with a timeout error.

Any body had this issue with Mozilla/Shoutbox? If so can anybody help?



Who are all you people?

We now have 28 registered users, and I only know about 10 of them. This is a little flattering and a little alarming, as we never designed the site to amuse or be used by anyone but ourselves. If you don't mind me asking, just who are the rest of you? What made you register here? Why do so few of you ever fill in the user profile or post anything, after taking the trouble to register?

Merry Christmas eggwan wankers.

Guess what?

I got 15 pairs of socks and some pants for christmas, which means I am now all set up for the new year. That the pair of pants I had this time last did well to last but alas I had to bury them this morning.

Good news on the sock front tough all 30 of the little fuckers are odd to start with, this saves me a job with their first wash.

merry christmas fella's


Season's greetings

Merry Christmas, EggWan'ers! Here's to fifteen pairs of socks and unwanted aftershave!