Laugh? I nearly died . . . .

Laughter is the best medicine.

Merry Christmas my fellow fuckstains!

This should make you laugh



MPH03 photos now in gallery

I have added the MPH03 photo's to the gallery.

There are 2 sub-directories, one for the still exhibits and one for the actual live show.

Top Gear fans will probably be interested in the Caravan destruction photo's (yes they really did destroy a caravan by jumping a BMW into it live in Earls Court), and the Famous Top Gear Toyota pick-up photos.

To summarise, MPH 03 was superb. A rival to Goodwood (in a different kind of way). MPH 04 is a must for next year!


One spare GLC ticket...

If any of you are feeling safe enough....

LOTR: ROTK Spare Tickets - Opening Night

I have just booked 10 tickets for the opening night.

I have sold six already, less two for Me and Mrs. Egg leaves a pair of tickets up for grabs.

17/12/03 - screen 11 Ster Century Cardiff, 19:00 showing tickets are £3.50.

First to let me know gets them. There are probably about 15 left for the enitre showing if anyone wants more (I could only get a max of 10).

There will be beers and chatter after the film mainly about Liv Tyler for the Boys and some little guys with hairy feet for the ladies.

Best to use my work email if you want theses tickets.

Arawn problems

Something went majorly wrong with arawn (this server) last night. I've just spent a few hours restoring from a backup. I've had to disable some of the fancier frippery (weather, random images) until I can make sure they didn't cause the problems.

New FAQ: how do Wiki categories work?

Ipod's dirty little secret!

I don't like to be the bearer of bad news but....

New feature: quickly add Wiki pages

Martin, and possibly others, seemed to be confused by the new category system. If pages are automatically added to the category, then where do you create them?

To address this, I've added a "Add a Wiki page" menu entry in the My Eggwan block (down and right). Click it, enter the page name you wish to create in the popup box, and click OK. You will be taken to the usual Wiki edit page with the page name you entered. When you click Save at the bottom, your new Wiki page will be created and added to the database.

Caution: if you don't put that page into a Category when you do this, then it won't be accessible through the Wiki. It will be "orphan" page: a page that exists but that no other page links to (with the exception of RecentChanges). This might not be a huge problem, but I thought I should mention it before it confuses people.

Max Payne 2

Well it took a little over 12 hours continuous gameplay to "solve" Max Payne 2.

I found it a little underwhelming in a Kill Bill kinda way...

They're just kids for Christ's sake!

Martin has opened a wormhole to the mid 90s...