Officers Club closing down sale!


I bet they are giving at least 90% off now!

Festive Greetings

Merry Christmas all.

And if you are only reading this after Christmas, Happy New Year.

If you are reading this in January, save my greeting for 2010.

Teh Internets...

You have to love it really...

Ken Block Gymkhana Practice

Holy mother of god! It's a video of an Impreza getting seriously hooned around a gymkhana course, which is apparantly a word you can use for cars as well as horses (I didn't know that).

Translating Stig's Morse Code

Here. Quality work guys.

Making hot sauce

Hmmm. That looks like a very straightforward procedure. Quick! To the chilli-o-tron!

Chicken fried bacon

If you don't read my blog, you should at least read this entry.

Pistonheads: when good throttle cables go bad

Wow. I have no idea how the hell he managed to avoid the manifold, flywheel, power belts, etc etc.

Final, indisputable proof that we are indeed getting old

Proof, if any were needed that we are now elderly.

17" CRT for a tenner!? A TENNER!?! And on the high street too.

Pass the pipe and slippers Jeeves, I need to relax in my wingback chair in front of the fire...

Christmas Eve 2008

I thought I would throw this out early (Well, you will blink and it will be upon us. It might as well be tomorrow).

The Crows - 6pm - Christmas Eve

I will of course be in attendance despite the fact the Geeks are making me work on the 24th and that my son has demanded his own car for christmas (Not a toy, a fully functional car with tax and MOT). I know we have a few more small ones round this year but thats ok, as they can come too (Well they will be fine up to the point I start on the shorts).

Feel free to sign up on this thread or make your apologies even. I won't mind if you don't come, Ill be too pissed to care.