Even more new pics: Rally GB 2003

Jez has kindly uploaded this batch of pics of muddy cars sliding around corners inches from rocks.

New pics: LittleR's bonfire of the vanities

I am the Lord of Hellfire and I bring you Fire!

Another new FAQ: How can I make Wiki pages private to us?

FAQ entry:

If you add _PRIVATE to the page name, e.g.

see the page [MyPage_PRIVATE]

then only a restricted group of users will be able to read it. This is the same group of users who can edit the Wiki.

Note that the _PRIVATE bit is case sensitive.

New FAQ: what's the difference between gallery titles and names?

Computing pow`ar (cue geek pissing contest)

In total, in my house right now, I have at least 8800 Mhz of CPU, at least 340Gb of hard disk space, and at least 2300Mb of RAM. Blimey, eh?

Wales in playing competitive rugby shocker!!

Well, there we have it.

The best Welsh performance that I can remember for a long long time.

NZ 53-37 Wales.

The last but one NZ try was a basketball style forward pass and Wales knocked on 10 metres out just before full time. Oh what could have been!

Halloween Party

The pics are up!

Someone (probably me) needs to go through Little's pics and rotate them where necessary. I'll get on it at some point, promise. Sorry I was slow uploading these, I've been busy lazing in bed watching the Indiana Jones triliogy.

Yet another new feature

Man, installing Postnuke modules is both simple and addictive. It's simdictive.

Eyes left and scroll down a bit and marvel at Cardiff's weather forecast. Which, I can predict, says "it's raining". Ho hum.

I've still not fixed the random gallery block's linking problem, mind. Too busy installing Panther on my iBook.

Anyone want to buy a 6R4?

As Rally GB, sorry, Wales Rally GB, approaches...

Check this out

Can't link directly because its all flash, but from the home page, you will see a rather tasty 6R4 for sale.

Of course, if the 6R4 is a bit too radical for you, you could always buy the "Ford Transit Service Barge". Nice.

Gallery upgraded again

I've upgraded the Gallery again (to version 1.4-4, fact fans). Hopefully, this will solve the intermittent view.php problems people have been reporting. Let me know if you see any more errors like this.