If you thought the 90s pic of Jez was bad...

How about a mid-80s pic? In 1985, a local artist came to Griffisthstown Infants school and painted a mural of our year. He did the faces and we painted our own bodies. Rather astonishingly, it's still there. Look, just go look at the pics, already. They're quite embarassing, what more reason do you want?

Yet another new feature

I've added a "last seen" users block, down on the right hand side, below the shoutbox. It shows the last few people who logged on to the site and when they did so. I've also altered the theme to make the right hand blocks have title bars, as it was getting a little confusing without them.

New Who's Online block

As you can probably see, there is a new and vastly improved Who's Online block. Enjoy!

Personally, I think Mark 2 are a bit too Nu Muuuuu

Well, we played with a band while back called JOHNNY NARCISSIST.

Meat Shake anyone?

Check this out...

Toby and I think this may be a very clever muse.

However, you just never can tell with the yanks.

The Menus and Nutrition link is particularly worth a look.

Random image block added

After some difficulty, I've made the random image block work. If you cast your eyes to the right and scroll down a bit, you should find an image plucked from the gallery at random and displayed for the pleasure of our roaming guests.

I'm interested to hear where people thing it should go. I'm tempted to put it on the left bar, as then you'd be able to see it all the time in the site (the right bar is disabled in the wiki and gallery sections); however, I'd also like it to be above the scrollbar on a 1024x768 browser window. Bah, I can't decide. Anyone have any preferences? Perhaps between "Wiki" and "My Eggwan" on the left?

New gallery version

The gallery software has been updated to the newest version, 1.4, courtesy of apt-get. Let me know if there are any problems but I don't anticipate any. It has some new features you may be interested in.

Modding your Nerf...

Someone had to do it....

Nerf Online.

(By the way Martin, judging by your utterly incorrect <a> tag there, you may find this of use).

Apparantly, we're filthy

Go to AllTheWeb and enter "EggWan" as your search term. You get a meagre two hits, both of them on fscked.co.uk.Now click "offensive content filter: off", and be astounded.

New theme

Don't blame me, it was Toby who complained there was too much blank space at the top of the page... I'm trying this new theme out. What do you think? Most controversial change, I suspect, will be moving most of the site navigation to the top right horizontal bar; I'm prepared to change this back if people hate it. At least it's more colourful though!