CPW Ball 2003

Pics here, courtesy of Martin.

I may have fixed the Shoutbox

Several people reported yesterday, me amongst them, that when they entered a line then hit "shout" it didn't appear in the box for them. I've made a change that might have fixed this; I need everyone to now pound on the shoutbox and see if they can make it break again. Let me know if it breaks or works, s'il vous plait. Merci beaucoup.

Update: I've now fixed another bug. Hopefully it should be working for real this time.

Shoutbox added

I've added a shoutbox in the right hand menu. It's a sort of all-access instant messenger thing, you type and stuff appears at once. I'm told they are all the rage these days.

New Wiki navigation

I've massaged the Wiki's navigation a little, trying to make it more approachable for people who aren't us. I've also started implementing a new Category indexing system; basically, you put CategoryWhatever on each page in the Whatever category, then special code on the CategoryWhatever page builds an index automatically. Click the "browse by subject" link in your Wiki menu to see the master category list; this should show you what I mean.


Laugh? I nearly died.

But then I am childish.

The end of Virgin Net

As you may be aware, we've had a lot of problems lately with email being dropped on the floor. We've traced something like 90% of these to Virgin.net.

I was planning on tackling this by implementing SMTP mail instead but this problem is too urgent to wait until that is up and running. I have instead moved all the Virgin accounts to shiny new ones hosted with plus.net instead (by hijacking Toby's account, if he minded he'd pick better passwords). You should all find plus.net welcome emails in your mailbox -- you can ignore those. You should also find vastly improved mail reliability: fingers crossed, eh? As ever, any problems at all, let me know. I specifically would like to see bounce reports if anyone tells you mail isn't reaching you.

Email problems / outages / random failures...

Some of you may have noticed that there have been several problems that seem to be developing with email in the last week or so. Without too much blaming, scapegoating and weaseling* this is almost exclusively Virgin's fault.

Let me assure you all that things are in hand to avoid these problems in the future.

The system in place at the moment involves an invisible (to the user) pop3 email account.


- Mail is sent to made@up.com this mail is routed to Easily.

- Easily has a list of forwarding addresses and forwards the mail to made.up@virgin.net.

- Arawn checks made.up@virgin.net for mail and makes it available via webmail/imap to the user.

Things are in hand to change this situation so that email doesn't go via Easily or a pop3 account. It will go straight to arawn. This will avoid the random bounces that Virgin has been giving us. It also makes things clearer to you, the user. Website down = email down. Fingers (the server at Roxby Court) is being set up as a backup email server. If arawn is down email will go to fingers and get sent back to arawn once it is back online.

You won't lose email.

We can control and monitor bounces.

Overall email reliability will be better.

I promise.


* [Editor's note]

It is with deepest regret that the team here at Eggwan must apologise profusely to the noble weasel.

It was and has never been our intention to slur this magnificant beast. In an ill-judged journalistic attempt at humour we have slurred the wonderful weasel.

We're sorry.

Finished Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic!

For those that care I've finished it.

It took about 40 hours gameplay.

The plot / story is cool. I'm not saying anything else about it since I know that at least Rich and Scott are playing it themselves.

Now I need a new hobby.... :(

Maybe I'll play it through again as light side.......

For fans of Jay and Silent Bob

Check out this link: http://www.moviepoopshoot.com/old/index.html

Yes it really exists!!

You're all fucking clown-shoes!


Free Freezer

To the guys in Roxby Court, just playing around to see if this all works but also, would you like me to deliver your freezer tomorrow? I'm guessing Toby will be in at some point to help me carry it up your stairs.

Sorry its not exciting news (also sorry for the lack of URL's and HTML's) but just think of all the extra bacon storage!!