Trips: Alton Towers.

Fellow Inmates, regarding a little trip to 7th October Offpeak period less than 20 of your finest Pre-Euro-Pounds + petrol

Join the dotcom revolution!!

Mr Little (for those that don't know, he is the financial backer of the original Eggwan conglomerate) has suggested that we buy aswell.

He suggests that we all chip in a fiver to pay for the 2 year £35 registration of the domain.

Comments are encouraged and provided we get a good response his credit card is itching in his hand right now.



Fast Cars and fast mouths (Jeremy Clarkson Will be hosting.

Earls Court 11-14th Dec.

To decide which date we would like to go, I wrote a program... oh wait...

I suggest the Saturday (13th) show, evening or afternoon. We need to sort this ASAP as I belive demand will be high.

Laterz Clarts.

SMTP server changes

I've made some changes to the SMTP server running on arawn. What does this mean? Well, two things.

Firstly, you can now send email through the SMTP server from any ISP, anywhere you are. This is particularly handy for laptop users like myself; I don't want to have to change to when I visit my parents and borrow their LAN connection.

Secondly, it's now configured to accept email as well. This will lead to a more elegant email setup that should also be much quicker to receive email and more robust to boot.

Read on for more information on these changes and what they mean.

Nuts, Beer and Funny People

Comedy Night Shennanigans

28th Spetember, The Wharf, Atlantic Wharf, Cardiff.

Comedians. It was very funny last time and hopefully will be just as funny tomorrow. Standing room only last time so I'm taking my own stool.

See all you fockers there.

Pictures from Matt and Anna's wedding are now up in the gallery

Well, that's about it really.

More exciting webmail news

Turns out Squirrelmail is actually really great. Log in to it, select options, and bask in the glow of three spangly new features:

  • Hotmail checking allows you to automatically gather up email from Hotmail's ad-soaked servers and put it on our ad-free one instead
  • New mail options allows you to configure JavaScript popup boxes and sound playing when you get new email, just as Toby was asking
  • POP3 fetch mail allows you to check any POP3 mailbox from within Squirrelmail.

There are absolutely shedloads of plugins listed on the squirrelmail site. Let me know if you want any of them in particular and I'll install them.

Webmail feedback

Squirrelmail seems to be very good to me. I prefer the way that it looks on the page. It looks a lot more polished than Imp and is a lot easier to use (doesn't put "send" off the side of the page for a start!).

The only thing missing is that little Javascript popup box that Imp had to tell you about new mail. I'm sure that if we ask Mr Sysadmin, sir, to put a bit of Javascript in to automatically refresh the inbox page every 2 minutes or so then this won't be too much of a problem. Ahem.

Webmail problems

Jez has sent word that the webmail client is broken. On closer inspection, the parts of horde2 I installed yesterday have utterly borked the parts of horde1 I used to rely on, namely the Imp webmail client. So Imp is currently non-functional.

As a quick-fix alternative, I have installed the Squirrelmail webmail client that I've been hearing so many good things about. I've been meaning to take a look at it anyway as it seems that I can make Squirrelmail work with Postnuke so you only have one login, not the two you have at the moment. You can access SquirrelMail here. Let me know what you think of it. Meanwhile, I'll try and bring Imp back too.

Don't forget, before you try and send any email, to set your name and email address etc in Squirrelmail's config page.

An evening of carnage