The Goodwood Festival of Speed 2003

Just a few pictures here.

And a Wiki thread here.

I've also taken the opportunity to upgrade the Gallery software to the newest version. I doubt you'll see many changes, as it's mostly bug fixes. One nice touch is that each album can now have a description field set under it's propertes page, that allows you to put a description at the top of that album's page. Any issues with the new version, give me a shout.

I was unsuccessful.......... :(

My bid for world domination was sadly unsuccesful.

"The Tsunami" was unstoppable.

Proposed improvements and Shoutboxen

A shoutbox is a little instant messaging style thing for a website. The idea is you can leave messages on it (without registration, so anyone can do it) for the website owners or other people. Martin's put on on the Mark-2 website; you can see his at this page.

It's be easy enough to add one to I'm thinking more for random visitors to leave messages to us, rather than for us to talk to each other.

I've added a poll on proposed improvements. If anything is bugging you about the site, please feel free to tell me what and I'll try and fix it.

RIP Barry White

The Godfather of love is gone.

Thanks for the music dude.

Check out rant here - R&B

I will be out of the country for a few days...

Since I have been given a wildcard entry to a most prestigious competition.


We need some more news topics!

Waffle of death, new Stupidity section, Nick's haircut

Some updates to the gallery for you. I've added a new top-level section stupidity, and added pics of Nick getting a severe haircut and pics of Toby making what can only be described as The Waffle OF DOOM.

The Egg's Birthday: A Reminder


This Saturday night, Henry's, 8pm.

Let me know who's coming by posting a comment fuckers.

The Wood I know you're gonna be there, what about the rest of you?



Rocky Horror Picture Show pics

Pics from a recent visit to this hallowed hall of cross-dressing can be seen here. Warning: contains 1600% of your daily Pic Of Fat Man In Corset allowance. Not to be viewed by the easily offended or weak of heart. Management not responsible for any side effects.

A new feature: links database

A very nice man from emailed me and asked if we could exchange links, so I turned on a previously disabled bit of PostNuke: web links. It's a link database with voting for good/bad sites, and stuff like that. As you'd expect it's crawling with features we ain't going to use. You can add links to it by going into the section and clicking the "add link" option (duh).

Gallery re-org

As this FAQ article describes, I've re-arranged the gallery. It now has a few top-level albums, one each (well, one each for the four of us that use it; other people added on demand); you should find that you have full control to everything underneath that. An additional uploads album allows anyone logged in to upload stuff, so you know you always have a dump place you can use.

However, I want suggestions on the best way to use the gallery long term. Read on and stick your oar in, please, because I want to know how people want to use the gallery.