The Egg's Birthday

Help Comiserate the Egg's 25th year of Immaturity

The date: Saturday 28th June

The Location: Henry's Bar for 8pm

Attendence almost compulsory. Better halves (where applicable) welcome.

Plan is to just get drunk and talk bollocks. Then find a late night drinking establishment and continue the fun.

BBQ pics from 14th June

Pics from last night's barbeque are up here.

New gallery section

I've added a new "stupid cars" section to the gallery and started it off with a bang in the form of a seriously ruined Fiesta. Selecta...

Submitting news

If you look on the menu bar to the left when you are logged in, you will see a "submit news" link. If you hit that and fill in the neat little interface behind it, you will find that you too can write news to go in this high-visibility headline bit of the homepage. This could be used to your advantage to, e.g., obtain a better turnout on cinema trips than 0%.

Note that the story doesn't go live at once -- and admin (i.e. me or Toby) has to approve it first. This is a feature.

Visual Mode & the Wiki

If you use IE to edit the new Wiki, and it says "Use Visual Mode", and you select "Yes", then it is likely to cover your Wiki page in broken HTML tags.

I could selectively enable certain tags on the Wiki pages but it could break old pages if I do that. I suggest you don't use the Visual Mode feature of PostNuke on the Wiki, but only on the rest of the site e.g. for private messages.


By the way, can anyone think of any features this system lacks that I should add? I notice the Wiki has been practically quiescent since my change to this new system. Is that because everyone is having a humour failure or do you all hate this new stuff?

Hotmail integration into Eggwan imap email is here! email now has the facility to check hotmail accounts and deliver the email directly into a Hotmail folder in your IMAP mailbox.

A wee problem

There seems to be a wee problem with the registration system. For some reason, if you register with a email address (as many of you sensible have), then the email with your password in never comes through, which is a bit of a shitter.

If you contact me, I can reset your initial randomly-generated password to whatever you want, and you'll be able to log in then; I'm not entirely sure why this problem is occuring, but I'm sure I'll figure it out sooner or later.

Turns out I lied

I went to bed, then spent another hour with the iBook on WiFi doing some more nips and tucks. I think the site is looking pretty good now, although I need to write a proper template for it -- the bad PNG bunged randomly across the top is shockingly bad.

Final update for tonight

I integrated the webmail into the HTML template... I can't integrate the logins for it, unfortunately, but at least it matches the rest of the navigation.

I added the EggWan banner across the top, as you can see.

I wrote a nifty little referrer script that will redirect our incoming hits. E.g., go to this Google search and click the marvellous Mr Stokes's first hit, then watch the results unfold before your very eyes.

I'm tried now. Enough for tonight, I feel. Please, please, please people: I demand feedback. There's a comment box right there, for fuck's sake. Use it.

In the midst of chaos and change, some good news

You might notice the Gallery has been fully integrated with the rest of the PostNuke site. The usernames don't match up, though, so permissions might be a little weird -- if you find you can't add photos, let me know and I'll fix it.

I'm still working on the webmail.