A note about permissions

As you may have guessed, anyone can register an account on the site, not just us guys. But I'd rather if just anyone couldn't edit the Wiki.

So, I've added a special WikiUsers group; only people in that group will be able to edit the Wiki (everyone else, registered or not, can still read it). One downside: membership of the group isn't automatic, I have to manually add you.

The summary version: once you have registered your account, either email me or wait until I notice; once I know you have your account setup, I will restore your Wiki edit rights. OK?

Welcome to the new EggWan.co.uk!

Well, as you can probably see, I'm in the middle of a pretty big overhaul to Eggwan.co.uk. The Wiki has moved under the wings of this here program called PostNuke, which is a general purpose content management package. It lets me integrate webmail, the gallery, and the Wiki a little tighter, basically.

All Wiki content has been preserved and can be accessed under the Wiki menu at the top left. You will first of all need to register an account with the site, however, which can be done via the box at the bottom right. A single username and password will (eventually) cover the webmail, Wiki and gallery, which should easy all our lives a bit.

Have a play, and let me know what is good, and what isn't.

phpWiki integration

The version of phpWiki integrated into PostNuke can be reached here.


ThisIsATest of the PhpWiki functionality.