Gamer Grub

As featured in todays PA, I decided to take a look at Gamer Grub

The odd thing is, hat despite knowing full well it's nothing more than a crock of shit dreamt up in a marketing department somewhere (Looks like an intern project...) I REALLY WANT TO TRY IT.

Does this mean they have won?

Ben Folds - Cardiff

Reminder - Eggwan Ad Hoc Fesitval of Curry

Anyone still up for this, this Saturday - please let me know so I can make arrangements and get my curry va sorted.

Point to note - will have to finish at mid night as neighbours have new baby and I quite like them so don't want to keep them awake with sounds of bottom grumbles and bellowing belches after much curry!

Participants - throw down your gauntlets by sticking your name below this post!

Job News!

Yes its true, after 71 applications, 10 interviews and a couple of months on the dole I finally have a job! I start on Monday as Account Manager for a company in Penarth that provide a range of business consultancy, e-commerce and e-marketing solutions.

Its a 10 week placement to start but will become permanent if I do a good job.

I'm just glad we have Sky+ so I won't miss Jeremy Kyle!

My new wagon

A couple of pics in the gallery for those who are interested here.

As time goes by I plan to post pics of the various warning lights and error messages it flashes at me.

*Update 03.10.2008*
Ok. Two more pics up in the gallery. I think this particular warning is just factory fitted to all Citroens. It seems so fitting. But what I like best is how the car puts itself into that stupid "limp home mode", which is downright fucking dangerous when I can suddenly only do 50mph when I'm moving in a flow of traffic doing 80mph!!! Aaargh!

Drunk pranks

New BMW M1 concept

Text editors for this site

At the moment, as you've probably noticed, you can only put plain text in the site, with some limited HTML. Hand typing HTML isn't even my idea of fun and I'm a nerd.

One option is to put a WYSIWYG editor in, but I've tried two so far (FCKeditor and TinyMCE), which work a bit like some sort of Word-lite editor -- highlight text and click buttons for formats, links, etc. However they seem to be a bit complex to get working, with a lot of messing around with config and stylesheets etc.

Alternatively, I can put in BBCode support, as used by various web forums like BriSkoda and BETEO. This is a sort of simplified HTMLish syntax, so for example, [b]bold[/b] and [url=""]Richard's homepage[/url] and [img][/img] is how you do bold, links, and pictures. This would come with a little toolbar over the top of the input area to insert the tags for you.

Which option would people prefer? The BBCode one is easier to implement, I think, but is slightly less easy to use.

Brecon Carreg Free Walks

Brecon Carreg Water have currently got an online 'book' for walks around Cardiff and the surrounding area. Ive had a quick look and some of them look like a good way to spend a Sunday morning sometime. Most have a pub along the route. You know, if you need that sort of thing. You don't need to drink to have fun you know.

Anyway, anyone who's intersted;

(I have no idea how to turn that into a clicky link)

mmmmm . . . .Interesting?!

I appear to have made an interesting discovery Dr. Jones . . . what's this blog malarky all about then?

Oh, there's loads and loads of options over there - - - - >

Wonder what they do? I shall explore.