18th Birthday

Rightio me hearties,

It's that time of year again, I am on the verge of clocking up another year and this time I've finally hit the ripe old age of 18!!

Yup, I'm now officially old enough to both drink and smoke!

You are therefore, invited to join me for my birthday booze up somewhere in Pontcanna next weekend, Saturday 28th June.

Details to follow!


There is hope!

Hope! Hope indeed!

I thought I'd better post this before some other bastard did and pointed it out to me.....

Slay Radio - May the C64 be with you

I have just discovered this;

Slay Radio

It's a bit good... If you like this kind of thing. I wont spoil it, you need to go and have a listen ;)


My parents have just come back from a holiday to Poland.

Where they saw this piece of utilitarian bathroom equipment in a pub/restaurant in Krakow.

Now. Are Poland aiming directly at the stag party market?

Is their food really that bad?

Or is there something else going on I just can't work out!

Xbox Live thinks I'm offensive!

I wondered if this would happen; lo and behold it has. T'other day Microsoft forced a guy with the gamer tag TheGayerGamer to change it (more details) and now they've done it to me too.

So, where does this end? What if my home address is in Scunthorpe? I can't decide if I'm amused or annoyed by this...

I'm causing trouble about this all over t'internet now. I've already had Destructoid comment on my flickr page, plus I've posted comments on Eurogamer and the personal blog of a Microsoft staffer. Here come my 15 minutes of fame!

Woo, I'm on Kotaku now. Digg. xboxer.tv and PS3 Forums. MaxConsole. UGVM. NeoGAF, G4TV, next-gen.biz. An actual interview with me on GamersUniverse. The Consumerist.

Day two!

Followup story from Kotaku. Oh, here we go: The Register and The Inquirer. ganert.nl in foreign! Blogdig.net, GayGamer.net, a second Digg.

Blimey -- a whole bunch more from some aggregation site, there are a good dozen more sites there. Wired (albeit the blogs bit). Destructoid.

Holy crap -- my first Digg link made it to the front page of the site. Wonder if Slashdot will pick up on this.


Still going! Hexus.net. ArmageddonGames.net.

Some news! That shocked ME.

Well gentleman...

I won't go into too many details about the hows and whys but I am going to be a dad.

2nd october is the rough date we have been given for a due date so will not only be a dad, i will be a dad in time for christmas..!

Laura and myself were as you can imagine pretty shocked but have come round to the idea now so it should be brilliant.

here's too a new eggwanner.

(shitting a brick quite frankly)

Newport "City" in own-goal shokka!

BBC News story here

Imagine the moguls who run Newport ballsing things up. I know I was surprised.

Perhaps they should knock the whole place down to allow better road access to Cardiff?

Speed trap vans in disguise

Check this out... Police in Derbyshire are now disguising their speed trap vans as old builders vans. Now that's just underhand. FFS.

So just be careful next time you see an old van parked up with a copy of the Sport on the dash, and 'I wish my wife was this dirty' written in the dirt on the back.


A useful Nokia N95 trick!

to instructions on how to make a S60 Symbian phone able to view all of its file system and be able to self sign apps to run on it.

Worked for me.

Larvely! (And by no means a Carry On, I couldn't see Babs Windsor or Sid James anywhere.)