Time to trade the Roomster in Mart?

I feel I should keep up the trend of reposting things from Pistonheads....

Seems The Griffin have found one of Audi's old templates, the "side view" one. Then they drew round it and declared they had a new car!

Even so, any grandson of the Cav that comes with 4WD and 260bhp surely belongs on the drive at Chez Powell!

Take a look for yourselves

*sharp intake of breath*

Stokes. Make sure you are sitting down...

New Capri

Just for Higgins

More browser news!

Apple Safari on Windows!

See how that handles your resource hogging issues Mart...

my 21st

Just wanted to say thanks to eveyone that came to my 21st on the weekend. It was certainly a good laugh from where I was sat. (mostly looking with one eye covered up).

I would also like to thank WALES for beating the spud chuckers and scotland for turning over the English (Matt I can still see your face now, a true picture)

lastly does anyone have any pic's? If so get them up!!


A little something to brighten your days

Greetings all, I realised its been a long time since I posted anything so thought I would share this and pass on a message of good luck to my Welsh amigos in the rugby tomorrow.


Matt x

Flock and Firefox 3 Beta 3

For those of you who fancy a look at something new in the way of web related stuff, Mozilla have < a href="http://www.mozilla.com/products/download.html?product=firefox-3.0b3&os=win&lang=en-US">Beta 3 of Firefox 3 out.

But something that interested me was Flock, the so-called "Social Web browser". It looks cool and if you have a widescreen display (which my venerable Compaq Presario most definitely does not, however I do have access to twenty-first century technology!) the sidebar is a cool thing and the way the new search box works is also really cool.

See what you think, or just ignore, whatever's your pleasure!



Since I will be passing over the Col de l'Iseran of life on Sunday I thought a couple of cocoas followed by an early night would be in order.

However, on Saturday I'm going out in Cardiff to celebrate the last day of my twenties!!

[edited 14th February 2008]

Right. The plan is meet at 7.00pm in the Claude. Then we'll go over the road for a curry, then back to the Claude / town / whatever to drink until our aged bodies demand we go to bed.

The little fella

Anyone interested in seeing the newest member of the Tribe Called Higgins look here to see Sebastien Isaac Jozeph Higgins.

Nick and Helen's little boy, my nephew.

Toby out.

Christmas Eve

It's that time of year again where we all need to make a festive effort to grace the Crows Nest with our collective presence.

Here's the Craic;

1. Who's coming? Some of you have indicated that you may call PUSSY on it this year. Ill be there if I have to bring the Baba, he can have his first pint. I'll even be there if I have to walk home, now that's a fucking commitment!

2. Tee shirts - Comments invited on these. Although last years were uber cheap they didn't have the longevity of the original Stokesy [TM] design. Do you want another polo or an ordinary shirt? I reckon I just get the teeshirt place in Broadmead to knock them up for about £12. I need numbers

The stan will be to hit the pub about 6pm. Let's get the stan in action!

Remember, she don't use Jelly...