Eggwan email migration progress report

Right then. Having created the account for and created user accounts and suchlike, all you awkward sods decided you'd prefer primary email addresses!

So, I've now added another account ( to Google Apps for your Domain and deeted the old one. I've created the user accounts and alias names, and you should all have been emailed your passwords. You can see a list of the addresses here.

Everyone needs to check that they have a password, that they can log in to the Google mail account, and that all their email addresses are listed in the pic I linked to in the last paragraph.

Next step is to add as a mirror of in Google's config, but I can't do that until Google's servers have deleted the settings -- could be five days. We'll be ready for changeover then, once you've all confimed you have accounts that work and I haven't missed any email addresses off that screen shot.

Talent like this should be appreciated

Far be it for me to pedal viral clips from the Tube that is You but this really got me impressed;

The Final countdown fully hands on

He seems to have a large repartoire and is clearly a very talented bloke.


Moving AGAIN !!!

Hello everybody... Long time no post, my sincere apologies.

Just a quick plee, Rhi, and I will be moving house this week, from the quiet and lushus rural surroundings of New Inn, to the hustle and bustle 24 hour energy, big smoke city life. Full of vibrant cultures and many many new horizons... well to Newport ahem! (where the only certainty is that my car insurance premium will peak to an all time high) ffs!

Anyway, we should have the Keys 4pm Thursday, and moving from then. Anybody kind enough to lend a welcome hand would be greatly appreciated.

Agenda - Moving thursday and friday, cleaning friday and saturday. Free unlimited tea, and "ready salted" crisps and oxo cubes for all (the crisps are still in date I wouldn't fuck you over)



Congratulations to Donna And Jeremy.
Ditto South Africa - England such a Shame!


I don't want to labour this point, but it needs saying. Here's the email I just sent to ITV.

As if I wasn't hot enough already

Hot sauce fans and masochists take note.

I've just ordered my bottle of 357 Mad Dog Collector's Edition, officially the world's hottest sauce with an astonishing 600,000 scoville units of heat.

If anyone fancies a taste I reckon it would be a good alternative to golden syrup as an accompaniment to chicken nuggets.

Jez Breaks Ranks!

I'm devastated to inform you that Jeremy aka Nigel Big Hands, has broken ranks. He's only gone and got engaged!

Vote Boris!

Would you Adam and Eve it, I laughed my Alan's off when I got Dickie Bird of this.

I'll get me Weasel and Stoat...

Anyway, for those of you in Laaandun check this out

Very funny irrespective of your particular political persuasion.

I can't help liking the man, but would I trust him with my city? I'm less sure of that.

PS. Thanks go to Edwina for pointing this out to me.

New Radiohead album

Radiohead are due to release a new album called In Rainbows

Initially this will only be available over download from the 10th October which you have to purchase from this store.

Try to buy it and see what happens...

Photos from Benidorm

Greetings all,

Nick and myself recently returned from Benidorm, you can now:

Marvel at Spain's magnificent weather!

Be in awe of our discovery of food very much like, but slightly dissimilar to kebabs!

Get a warm feeling between your legs as "The Midas" make a welcome return!

It all awaits you in Benidorm 2007!

ITV Sport

Just watching the painful shite that is ITV Sport's ruination of my Rugby World Cup.

There should be Government legislation to prevent this bunch of idiots attempting to televise sport. ITV should only be allowed to make soaps, lowest common denominator sit-coms and gritty northern dramas with Gillian Taylforth. Nothing else.