Och Eye NOT The Nevis . . Somehwere Else!


Due to my Diary Faux Pas (tm) doesn't look as though the last weekend in September is on, turns out Jez wasn't too keen on having a 40th birthday party up a mountain. Shame.

Mountain Shennanigans - Och Eye The Nevis!

Right then my mountain loving, goat botherers, who fancies Ben Nevis at the end of September?

Clarkson for PM

Would you, should you vote for this man?


Sign the petition - at least if you're going to have an arse running the country, get one who's a laugh.

Storming deals

How about a 500Gb external disk for £70? Bluetooth2 USB dongle for £3? A USB charging cable for PSP/DS/DSlite/iPod/mini USB for £3? A 3-LED alumunium flashlight with brand name Luxeon Star LEDs for £5?

Read on!

Board Meeting


It has been a while since we have as a group discussed the world in general in a "Setting it all to rights" manner. Infact the last time we all went out on a Mikey Rayer was my Stag do which doesn't really count as we had a motive.

We NEED a night out where the only aim is to get bolloxed, catch up with each other have a boogie to some cool music, fall asleep over a kebab and generally have a great time.


So it seems that the Facebook revolution has finally hit the Eggwanners!!!

Those of you not on there yet I warn you, it is highly addictive and you WILL see people on there you had forgotten you had forgotten existed! And you'll see me if I don't fall into that category.

Over and out.

Server upgrades

I've been upgrading the server today, from Debian Sarge to Debian Etch. So far, I've upgraded MySQL, PHP, Apache, Postfix, removed Courier IMAP and installed a new mailserver, Dovecot.

Basic services seem to be working OK so far (receiving email via IMAP, the website, database, etc). I've more to test and fix -- authenticad SMTP, security certificates, virus and spam filtering. So far, though, so good. If anyone notices anything broken let me know.

Forza 2


From what I can see, several of you have the game now, so I've taken the liberty of sitting down with several cans of Guinness and making us an "official" site car.

It's an otherwise unmodified Lotus Carlton, painted like a Cardiff taxi, with a sticker of the Eggwan logo (as at the top of this page) in place of the "Dragon Taxis" sticker.

If you'd like it, just send me message on Live (Gamertag is "Suicide Perkies" and NOT Rabid Canuck, as the Wood has yet to amend the Gamertags section) and I'll fire one your way.


Steve Dubya

(Pics are here)

Motorsport - Sweet Lamb

On the topic of motor sport here are some Pics from Sweet Lamb where I spent the weekend in the wind/rain/sun (I don't know what we have done to the environment buts its BAD). Was a really good weekend with a mixture of Historic/Classic and modern rallying Inc a pug 205 and BMW challenge.


Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2007

Pics from Goodwood Festival of Speed 2007 can now be found here in the gallery.