GREAT Britain - Remind me again why I bother paying tax and NI

I have a very rare day off where I have nothing planned for the whole morning so I decided to register myself with a dentist and doctor down here in the capital. Easy wouldn’t you have thought? I start off by looking online at NHS dentists, note a few down and get on my travels. The first one I enter the old trout behind the desk says oh we no longer do NHS sorry. The 2nd much the same, the third same again, I let rip a little on the last receptionist and suggested that if they were no longer NHS maybe it might be an idea to get themselves off the NHS list and that may in turn stop poor people like me setting foot in the waiting room. I gave up on finding a dentist after the 4th knock back so I guess I’ll just have to live with extreme tooth ache until it gets too much to bear and I rein act the scene from Castaway down at Cardiff ice ring.

My second task was to find a doctor, now this I thought would just be a case of walking in and registering alas I was wrong, “sorry we are full” replied at least 3 sour faced old receptionists. “But I am getting these really bad migraines I replied and I need to see a doctor, do you know anywhere that will take me before I cut off my own F**king head”?

What the f**k is GREAT about Britain, that fact that you can’t travel 4 meters without passing a speed camera, the fact that I can’t park my car outside my own house without leaving the glove box open, unless I want my windows smashed for someone to take a look what’s inside, the fact that petrol is more expensive here that anywhere on the planet, the fact the I CAN’T get a dentist or doctor to help me?

Remind me again why I pay

National Insurance
Income Tax
Council tax
Road Tax

Cause to be quite frank I don’t FUC*KING know.

I am writing to my MEP (with less swearing) to ask this very question and if I don’t get a satisfactory answer My VOTE will not be going anywhere in future. I will keep you informed, Rant OVER.



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Someone's not happy! is your friend.

Mind you, why were you going to these places? You presumably have heard of the "telephone"? Getting an NHS dentist is, indeed, an utter disgrace, although it's dead easy to register with a doctor back here in the 'Bran.

Agreed, the 'Bran may have it's shit points but the doctor service is good. I use a dentist in Rogerstone, private. Didn't even bother looking for a NHS one as you still have to pay for the treatment anyway

A trip to the dentist and hygenist costs me £60, I go about every 6-8 months.

Check out the dental plans on Melon they are quite good.

As for the over state of the country and the fact EVERYTHING is falling apart... You try getting benefits out of them. A usless sack of shit scagghead with no job can get a flat, JSA, Dental, the whole works. Can I get any working tax credits for my baby? Don't be daft I am too busy paying for a family of Kosovans to live in a house twice the size of mine.

I stopped being angry about it ages ago. I just plan to build a shelter full of food and weapons for when it finally all does crumble...

I wanna sing a little song for you all
And make you sing for your supper
Theres a lesson to be learned from this
As youll soon discover

Way before I came to rule this place
I was king of an island
I only needed someone else to rule
Now my mind is an island
Stocking up on all the guns I can find
Now my home is my castle
If anybody comes around my door
Theyre gonna leave in a hurry

One hand in the air
Repeat after me
This is home its where Im living
Food and shelter for free
Now they want us to steal for them
Now the national anthem
Satellites up in the sky
Pulled down to the ground
I was king of an island
Now my mind is an island

Theres people coming in
From miles around
They heard about my little island
They do everything I want them to
When my mind is an island
I start to drift away
I hear the music play
Wish I could say that I like it
But its never on my island


Private Checkup - £35
NHS checkup - £12

I pay enough NI And Tax to get something back....! Why pay for something twice?

Someone's not happy!

I thought I would need to be there to sign paperwork and stuff, Sadly I didn't ever get that far...!


Simple this. All the private ork I have had done has been far superior to any of the NHS work.


All i want is a checkup and maybe a filling, trouble is i was spoiled by having Dr Screen as a dentist before, he was even cheaper than the NHS :)

On the good news though I have actually found one In Cardiff..!!!!!


Nice one.

How long before the appointment?


july 10th Its even this YEAR.

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