Forza 2


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Good point

Fixed the gamer cards page, and let me be first to say, awesome job Steve!

Good point

Cheers - it's a rather good car for tuning and/or racing as well so if anyone is just starting the game (Mr Mayled I'm looking in your direction) then it can win them some big races easily and net them a lot of cash/levels.

You have no idea how tedious making a car is - unless I'm doing it wrong, each individual letter has to be done on its own layer, which means even writing out and properly sizing 'eggwan' took about 20 minutes. I'm not surprised at the comments of people's eyes start to bleed in making entries for the UK:Resistance car contest - theirs are infinitely more complex than mine. Of course, Rich, you remember all this from your abortive attempt at reproducing the Martini racing livery onto a Delta Integrale in Forza 1.

Good point

It is that tedious, although I think it gets a little easier with practice and there are some shortcuts such as sizing letters based on the numerical size feedback it gives you at the bottom of the screen and not by eye.

Good point

That's what I did - I had the laptop beside me both to see the logo and also to jot down the sizes and angles and stuff in a text editor.

Good point

It took me fifteen minutes to get e g g w a n stamped on the back of my VW Golf GTi!

I was planning on making Team Eggwan Livery but that may take some time.

That Cardiff Cab is brilliant Steve - well done fella. And Kath's Daisy is cool.

As I wont officially own the game until Saturday I wont be up to much until then.

However I think that at somepoint soon we should get on live and race some shit to the max yo. Besides, I've never been on live in multiplayer - I'm a Virgin. This needs to be addressed.

Just as a side - what level/driver aids (if any) are you guys playing?

Good point

The only aid I use is auto transmission, and that's only because my brain can't simultaneously use fingers to control throttle and gears. Dunno why. If I get around to dropping the best part of £100 on the Xbox wheel I may switch to auto.

Good point

Never mind the Daisy, that took about five minutes: what about the three hour 70 layer monster?

Good point

Auto? Hmm thats worth a few seconds around laguna Seca

Good point

You're probably right, and double-digit-seconds around the 'Ring no doubt. But my brain just won't do manual gears on a pad.

Only luck I've ever had with manual shifting in a computer game was Daytona USA 2001 on the Dreamcast with my badass Madcatz wheel, which had a sequential stick shifter alongside the wheel. That was physically enough like real driving to engage different bits of my brain, is my theory.

Good point

Do a real track day. It changes you perspective on driving in general, but it also gives you better insight into going fast.

I played a Forza a lot better after 72 laps of Hullavington!

Good point

I wish, somehow I suspect my nearly-two-ton Omega will be suffering from minor brake fade around, oh, corner 2.

Good point

Hah, thats a vauxhall thing ;) We can sort that!

Good point

I wasn't referring to the brakes so much as the 1730kg of car they are trying to slow down, not much we can about that... well, unless I start jetissoning leather, walnut, climate control, and other frippery!

Good point

Yes ya can.

Change your fluid to 5.1. Fit a set of mintex extremes to the front and get some Vectra GSI brake ducts.

Cost you about £80 and they would be sweet.

Good point

What about the flame job Corvette(?) in Screamer?

The stats read like ass but for reasons only known to the game designers the manual version defied all stats and was the secret to winning the game!

But nobody sane would ever have used it since the stats made it look like a manual version of an outright loser. Only two 17 year olds who valued a flame paint job on a fictional car in a computer game over their A-level physics result would have ever thought of driving it!

I play with all the aids off, but AI on Medium.

In most games I can't get my head around the manual shifting, but for some reason in Forza 2 it just feels 'right'... and I haven't had that 'right' feel since the original Gran Turismo (which, terrifyingly, was nearly a decade ago when you think about it)

I've done an endurance race too - the Laguna Seca one, 30 laps.

The best racing tip I can think of is that you want to avoid turning as much as possible, so take full advantage of the track on each bend - if you're not touching the outside, inside and then outside borders as you go around, you've made it tighter than it needed to be.

got it!

Well, finally got my grubby mits on my copy now - playing in glorious HD on my TFT.

Have been completing the proving ground races. Need to get some serious track time down to learn the tracks and get stuck in.

I guess I'll start playing with some of the aids switched off then, give that a go.

Need a wireless adapter then I'll see you chaps on line methinks!

A proposition . . . not that kind you filthy boy!

How about an EggWan Inc. Forza Competition;

Pick a car - say Mini Cooper S (They're fun and cheap)

Class D

Tune it to 400 PI Max

Race it with your fellow EggWanners.

We should try and arrange a time and date for the first heat to suit.

How's that sound?

No takers then?

That means that you're all going to leave me with the filthy slurry of human waste that is XBox Live. Shame would have been fun.

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