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There is a hole in the ozone layer... Can you fix that?

ps: my thunderbird mail no longer works?

Thunderbird works for me

In the absence of an error report, I'm going to guess your problem is to do with password encryption, which is now mandatory on the new server. Do tools | account settings and find your Eggwan email account. Select "server settings" then make sure that "server name" is "" and "security settings" is "TLS, if available".


Well, auth-SMTP is working. wasn't working but is now working again. Virus and antispam are switched in and seem to be functioning OK, although they may take a while to re-learn spam signatures.

This new install allows me to re-implement server side mail filtering, so all mail tagged as "spam" will be filtered into a sub-folder of the inbox, and I can optionally implement more filters too -- e.g. I use a special bulkmail address for my mailing lists, and I filter that into a subfolder. I use another one for accounts with Ebuyer etc where I buy stuff. We used to have this on the old server and I've missed this functionality. If anyone wants some filters set up, give me a shout.

Update x2

Spam filtering is active. All suspected spam will be passed into a special "Spam" folder, instead of the default INBOX folder. Thunderbird users will need to subscribe to this folder to see it: right-click the account name in the left hand (folder) pane and select "Subscribe". This will show you a tree of all the folders on the server for your eggwan email account, tick the box next to Spam to let Thunderbird access the email.

Please keep an eye on your Spam folder for at least a while, I need to be alerted of any false positives (i.e. mail that ends up in there but that wasn't spam).

Update x3

The new spam filtering on the upgraded server seems to be vastly more effective -- it's caught 100% of my spam over the last few hours. If you've previously had problems using your eggwan mail because of spam I'd like to hear your thoughts.


good guess sysad, my e-mail is once again working. What have you done about the ozone layer?

i do seem to have lost all my folders aoart from INBOX though?


I use many filters.

Its probably easier if I can do them myself like I used to rather than asking you to create them every time I want one.

Is that possible?

As I said above

Your folders are still there but Thunderbird has misplaced them. In Thunderbird's folder list, right click and select "subscribe" You'll get a tree view and you can go around ticking the folders you want Thunderbird to show.

As for the ozone layer, I can't seem to think of anything witty to say so... uhh... Well, for starters, we could ban Rich from eating curries. That'd have to help the environment out.

Still nothing witty, then!


I've only had a brief gander at the filtering support, it looks easy enough -- although there is, because of the way our mail works, just a single filter setting for all of us, so you have to tread a bit carefully as you can break all the mail in a single stroke. I'm not sure yet how it works for filtering one user's mail.

Feel free to take a gander, you still have login rights on the server -- the file is /home/vmail/globalsieverc. I'd discourage you from editing it yet though, until I get it a bit more figured out! The package is called Sieve.


Google seems to suggest that ~/sieverc will work for users....

Depends on the imapd.conf settings apparently.

Worth a try I guess.

Not quite

Not with our setup it won't. No-one, except me and you and root, even has a ~ on that server; all email delivery is handled as a single user, vmail, and ends up in /home/vmail/domainname/username.

The email delivery services, postfix and dovecot, use a MySQL database to look up username and passwords. This means, unlike the old system back when I was hosting on arawn, I don't need to give each and every email user a shell account, which is a lot of unnecessary configuration - not to mention a security problem in the making.

That's why all users share a sieve file -- as all mail is delivered by the same user account. On the other hand, I'm sure there are sieve rules that will allow us to share the file without having colliding settings. I just need to read up on it first.


Oh, and imapd.conf is for the (dreadful) UW-IMAP server. We use Dovecot, which is configured in /etc/dovecot/* if you want to look at it.

Update on spam tagging

Since Sunday, I've received 743 spam emails; of these, the system caught and identified 698, or a 94% success rate. I think that's pretty damned good, and a distinct improvement over how it used to work.

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