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I hate Jim Rosenthal. Get a front man who knows about rugby and not just about Jonny "Porcelain" Wilkinson.

I hate their stupid timing schedules that mean they have to constantly cut off their guests in mid-flow.

I hate their laboured and un-natural attempts at off the cuff moments.

I hate their stupid plastic earpieces and microphone down the side of the face.

I hate their Anglo-centric approach. There is no balance to their coverage at all. Guys, England won't win it this time.

But I have no choice. Unless I can somehow get Kiwi satellite TV or something I will have to sit through this. At least they have borrowed Sky's commentators and I don't have to listen to commentary from a bloke borrowed from Soccer Sunday who only knows about lower league football.



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I couldn't watch it. It was like S4C about 10 years ago.

Just plain fucking awful. However it was worth channel dodging to see france get their ass handed to them by a bunch of beef farmers.

It's Worse!

The f*cking producer at the Wales v Canada game has quite clearly never watched a game of rugby in his life!

During the anthems they kept isolating the microphone that picks up the PLAYERS singing the anthems! The PLAYERS!!!! They are paid to play rugby, not sing. By and large they are terrible singers!! Let us hear the choir, the band and the crowd. Let us feel the atmosphere from the stadium at home! Not the sound of 22 blokes mumbling along tunelessly!!! For God's Sake.

During the game he kept showing replays of inconsequential happenings instead of showing us the ball being thrown into the lineout or kicked. So we'd see a throw in to one side, then a replay, then see the other side's backs spinning it wide confusingly! He kept cutting to long aerial shots of the stadium when there was action taking place. He was consistently either zoomed right in, when we needed a wide shot to see the runners and the gaps. Or he was showing us a wide shot as the rolling maul went over the line, so we couldn't see what the hell was happening.

Now I don't know if this is ITV's fault or not, it could be the French TV company in fairness. But this is further ruination of my Rugby World Cup.

A plea: ITV / TF1 (France). In Wales it is traditional for our team to ruin the World Cup. Please don't stop this age old tradition by ruining it with your appalling coverage.

Thank you.

Attending sporting events

Could be worse, you could be there, like Scott Adams at the US Open.

Attending sporting events

See. The real root of the problem is that I don't rule the world.

If I did then none of these things would be a problem.

And there we have a slightly disturbing look into the mind of Uncle Walter...

Yes, and I think Uncle Adolf and Uncle Josef felt the same way too!
Luckily they never got to rule my world.

It's only now that I can bring myself to post this - up until now I have been too busy laughing at the idea of Martin Bayfield as an anchorman. I felt embarassed on his behalf!

I was looking to see Jeremy Beadle creeping around the studio FFS.

Still, at least he knows something about rugby. Unlike Jim Rosenthal.

Those Peugeot trailers either side of ITV's incessant ad breaks are also starting to grate. They sum up ITV's coverage of the World Cup quite nicely. Annoying.


On the plus side though...

However at the very start of the RWC, I did stick a couple of quid on Bryan Habana to be the tournaments top try scorer. I got odds of 10/1.

After his exploits against Samoa last weekend, if you wanted to make the same bet now, you would only get odds of 2/1.

So fingers crossed ole Bry gets a few tries against England this weekend ;-)


There's yet more terrible TV from ITV!!

Unimaginable as it may sound. But ITV have dropped yet another clanger.

Half time in Wales v Fiji. Wales are 25-10 down and we go where? The studio? The stadium? The rugby club? The pub?


To ITV local f*cking news.

I don't care about a factory somewhere opening and creating 20 jobs. Or some twat on a unicycle setting a pointless record. Get back to the pundits and have a look at the game for God's sake!!!!

Who the hell is in charge there? I feel like the general in South Park The Movie "Get Bill Gates in here!"

GET MICHAEL GRADE IN HERE!!! (Executive Chairman of ITV)

I'll have my pistol ready.

Well, if it wasn't ruined before it surly is now.

Fuck I am depressed now.

No. NO. NO! NO!!

It's Friday 19th October 2007.

RWC 3rd and 4th place playoff night.

And as far as ITV "Sport"[conditions may apply] are concerned it might as well not be happening.

It's an 8.00pm kickoff, what time does ITV's coverage commence?


We miss the anthems, while Jim "Interrupt" Rosenthal sits in the studio at the Stade de France in front of the glass revealing the empty stadium and makes pointless smalltalk with Will Greenwood about how France wish they were at the Stade de France Saturday instead of at Parc des Princes Friday.

Then we cut to the Parc des Price seconds before kick off while that football commentator attempts some kind of introduction to the game, which has already started, during the first couple of minutes, whilst simultaneously kissing his co-commentator, Scott Hastings', ass.

Lucky England aren't in it fellas, although I suspect that the scheduling may have been slightly different had they been.

Do you think ITV's Big Cheeses all sit round wondering why they consistently don't command the audiences for sporting events? Or do you think they are happy with their current performance? Surely between the various "professionals" in ITV "Sport" there must be millions of pounds being spent, with no great return?

I could go on for ever. But I won't. In a way I'm glad Wales were knocked out so soon so that I watch the knockout stages as an interested observer, rather than as a fan.

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