Subject: RWC - Please tell me what the hell ITV is up to???
From: "Toby Higgins"
Date: Fri, October 19, 2007 8:01 pm

I refer you to

Below sums up my feeling sitting here tonight:
It's Friday 19th October 2007.

RWC 3rd and 4th place playoff night.

And as far as ITV "Sport"[conditions may apply] are concerned it might as
well not be happening.

It's an 8.00pm kickoff, what time does ITV's coverage commence?


We miss the anthems, while Jim "Interrupt" Rosenthal sits in the studio at
the Stade de France in front of the glass revealing the empty stadium and
makes pointless smalltalk with Will Greenwood about how France wish they
were at the Stade de France Saturday instead of at Parc des Princes

Then we cut to the Parc des Price seconds before kick off while that
football commentator attempts some kind of introduction to the game, which
has already started, during the first couple of minutes, whilst
simultaneously kissing his co-commentator, Scott Hastings', ass.

Lucky England aren't in it fellas, although I suspect that the scheduling
may have been slightly different had they been.

Do you think ITV's Big Cheeses all sit round wondering why they
consistently don't command the audiences for sporting events? Or do you
think they are happy with their current performance? Surely between the
various "professionals" in ITV "Sport" there must be millions of pounds
being spent, with no great return?

I could go on for ever. But I won't. In a way I'm glad Wales were knocked
out so soon so that I watch the knockout stages as an interested observer,
rather than as a fan.

Now this is not some stupid Welsh nationalist rant. Don't confuse it with
that. This applies to ITV's sporting coverage generally, it just happens
that my favourite sport is rugby. All rugby. Not just matches with Wales
in (as ITV seem to assume with the English fans and England). ITV have
been destroying my RWC. It IS mine as much as it belongs to ALL fans. Fans
fund the televised sport by being interested and by watching, therefore
making the adverts ITV sells a worthwhile investment for advertisers,
therefore making ITV a profit. So by extension fans buy the sport from the
TV company by buying advertised products. Let's not lose sight of that.

Like when the football world cup is on (yes I like football too), ITV's
coverage becomes irrelevant as long as someone else has it televised. Only
when I am forced to watch ITV's coverage do I. I'd rather watch Eurosport
- the universal measure of cut-price sporting coverage. For those few
years ITV televised the Premiership highlights on a Saturday night I
stayed in the pub.

Toby Higgins

PS Oh my god. The ads have just finished after half time. It's the most
explosive match of the tournament and going very much against form. A lot
to discuss maybe? During the short halftime ITV choose to impose due to
advertising we spend time discussing the discussion we will have after the
rugby about the F1. Then we cut to the England team hotel to look at the
roses and say hello to the hotel staff!!! Then ads. I can't believe it!


And the generic reply...

Subject: RE: RWC - Please tell me what the hell ITV is up to???
From: "Duty Office"
Date: Fri, October 19, 2007 8:13 pm
Priority: Normal

Thank you for your email
Your comments have been noted here at ITV
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