SMTP server changes

Whilst sending mail:

Example problem 1: Craig is on AOL and they won't let him send email from his email address through Example problem 2: I send email from several IP addresses (my parents, home, Roxby Court, college) and don't want to have to change my outgoing mail server each time.

The solution: arawn's mail server will now deliver mail for you. Simply change the "outgoing mail server" setting in your mail client to "" and all should be well.

One small caveat: the security mechanism relies on your IMAP password, so you have to have checked IMAP email in the last 30 minutes from that machine in order to use the outgoing service. If you get an error, try checking mail then resending.

Whilst receiving mail:

The current system for email is ugly. It is received at Easily, who control the domain, then forwarded to lots of POP accounts. About half of those accounts people check directly, the other half are checked by arawn that then holds it so people can read the email via IMAP. This takes at least five minutes and generates a lot of unneccesary traffic on my LAN.

It is better if arawn is registered on the internet as being the main mail handler for the eggwan domain. Then, all email for anyone at eggwan will be delivered to arawn. Arawn can forward it on as easily do, for those that want that, or drop it into an IMAP mail box.

I am going to make this change in the next few weeks. IMAP users and webmail users don't need to do anything. For those receiving their emails in with some other mailbox they check, I will preserve the current forwarding address on easily. However, I urge you to get an IMAP account with us instead, as there are enormous benefits.

At the same time, I am going to take ownership of, rather than relying on Easily's wonky forwarding. Hopefully I will be able to banish out of your lives then.

I am eager for feedback, so please leave comments, mail me, phone me, use semaphore, whatever.


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Re: SMTP server changes

A question that some of you may ask is "what happens to my email if arawn [the mailserver] dies?"


I asked that very question when Rich was suggesting these changes over the weekend.

The answer is that there is a backup server that will hold onto email if arawn isn't available. When arawn becomes available again it'll deliver those emails. Email will never just dissappear.

Re: SMTP server changes

i have a programme called post cast server its a smtp host on ur computer so need of any online smtp host just one for the incomming if anyone is intrested i'll let you know where u can get it

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