Thats better, is the new eggwan web 2.0?

Yes. Look at the nav bars on

Yes. Look at the nav bars on the right ->> rounded corners and everything.

test reply



Its fine in Firefox but when I view it in in IE the comment boxes don't stop until they reach the maximum length of the screen....

Whoh! Yes, that is

Whoh! Yes, that is ultrafucked in IE. I've turned off the Advanced Forum module, it's OK now (although it doesn't look quite as nice to me).

The blue was pretty.

The blue was pretty.

I can change the colours

One good thing about this (rather basic) theme is I can change all the colours. Let's see..

This thread is rather dull.

This thread is rather dull. I imagine threads would need to be a bit more interesting for this forum idea to work.



What do you mean

Dull? Just when you think it's an empty, meaningless test post, I hit you with it


Just think about that for abit.


What does it mean? What COULD it mean?


Perhaps while I muse over the meaning of dfsd you could do something about the fact that I just had to scroll across about 50 screens worth of space to find the reply button and right navbar :)


Why is so? On my screen, each comment has a REPLY box right under it.

This is a comment

This is a comment