Tempting, very tempting!

A Yank V8 and the Ford Capri, together at last! Shame they had to keep the auto box really. At least it's had a rear disc conversion so you don't need to carry and anchor and chain!!      Or maybe the Sierra XR8 brought over from South Africa. An interesting proposition!  

   Finally, one for Mr Powell. Mmmmmm.... Nice piece of Griffin-ware that.....

That Cav

Fuck me, this GUI edit box is ugly, with the pink. Need to fix that. Anyway. "Dry stored since 1991.....70 miles since". So let me understand this, someone, in 1991, looked at that Cav and said "ooh, there's a future classic! I'm going to preserve this bad boy for the ages!"

I know, it's tragic really.

I know, it's tragic really. That said I still think my Mk1 looked good in a Classic 80's kind of way.

WTF would I do with

WTF would I do with that?Actually I could do with a new wheely bin...