The Eggwan Ad Hoc Festival of Curry

How does the 4th October sound for a meeting of minds and forks at my house for the Ad Hoc Festival of Curry?

Proposal is to each bring a dish (or two) for entry into Best Main Dish and Best Side Dish categories.

Dishes will be set out, tasted and scored by your fellow Eggwanners. Winner takes all (and is exempt from the washing up!)

Obviously you'll need to make enough to let everyone have a decent taste (casserole dish size maybe?)

Marks available for Presentation, Taste and Originality.

Stokes, I consider chips to be a Side Dish and chicken nuggets do not constitute a Main Dish.

So, bring food and beers that night. If people could confirm if they are coming though I would be grateful.

Oh and the thrid thing; lets just amke the new website live - running two is a bad idea. If it breaks/doesn't work we'll unleash the code monkey.

Anyone deeply opposed to the idea speak up, otherwise as I have expressed an opinion I win.

Cheers, EW!

I tried out a recipe for

I tried out a recipe for turkey and mango curry last night which went down very well, still got 6 weeks of practice though!

Just think of all the tasting

Just think of all the tasting you can do in those 6 weeks though!

I'll be there.

I'll be there.

  count me in.... i have

  count me in.... i have found a recipie for curried chicken nuggets and waffles.