Text editors for this site

At the moment, as you've probably noticed, you can only put plain text in the site, with some limited HTML. Hand typing HTML isn't even my idea of fun and I'm a nerd.

One option is to put a WYSIWYG editor in, but I've tried two so far (FCKeditor and TinyMCE), which work a bit like some sort of Word-lite editor -- highlight text and click buttons for formats, links, etc. However they seem to be a bit complex to get working, with a lot of messing around with config and stylesheets etc.

Alternatively, I can put in BBCode support, as used by various web forums like BriSkoda and BETEO. This is a sort of simplified HTMLish syntax, so for example, [b]bold[/b] and [url="http://www.fscked.co.uk"]Richard's homepage[/url] and [img]http://somewhere.com/something.jpg[/img] is how you do bold, links, and pictures. This would come with a little toolbar over the top of the input area to insert the tags for you.

Which option would people prefer? The BBCode one is easier to implement, I think, but is slightly less easy to use.

txt editors

You can only keep your fearless reputation by putting something headachingly complex for you, so I want speech recognition and mind reading text input. I hear it burns more potential calories than a fully utilised PS3


I have my own payroll and they are replacements for people who have "moved on"...

Is one of them in Cowbridge

Is one of them in Cowbridge Road perchance?

Not yet.

But as of monday, yes.

I took a phone in to be fixed

I took a phone in to be fixed yesterday, whats the pay like?

Email me

And we will talk

I want a job, failing that

I want a job, failing that the BBC thing will be fine.


I have three vacancies ATM if your interested.....

Thought Carphone had a

Thought Carphone had a recruitment freeze? Or is that just retail?

I want whatever is most

I want whatever is most difficult for you to implement. Even if it isn't as good.

I want the one that makes all

I want the one that makes all posts have a font that makes them look like they've been cut out of newspapers and therefore like ransom notes.

Failing that, BBCode, it sounds like the BBC.