My new wagon

A couple of pics in the gallery for those who are interested here.

As time goes by I plan to post pics of the various warning lights and error messages it flashes at me.

*Update 03.10.2008*
Ok. Two more pics up in the gallery. I think this particular warning is just factory fitted to all Citroens. It seems so fitting. But what I like best is how the car puts itself into that stupid "limp home mode", which is downright fucking dangerous when I can suddenly only do 50mph when I'm moving in a flow of traffic doing 80mph!!! Aaargh!

Ah the VTR stamp, its nice to

Ah the VTR stamp, its nice to see someone else has purchased a car with some real racing pedigree at last.




VTR - Vehical To Repair

i have actually just burst out laughing matt, VTR has all the racing pedigree of an old lady with one leg running the 100meters whilst weighed down with heavy shopping.. :)

Shove it Bora-Boy.

I guess you would know what it feels like to drive something that constantly feels like its weighed down by shopping Mr Average.

Re: VTR - Vehical To Repair

Don't make me come down there and flex my 110bhp at you.


Mate, they are a bargin and that goes for the petrol and the diesel. Good buy! The steering wheel does take a bit of getting used to but it's still quite nice. Should be nice and cheap to run and they dont have a major bad rep for being unreliable although it does have the distinct disadvantage of being French. Which means it smells.

At that price it doesn't matter if you punt it on in two years. You have bought a 18 month old car with less than 10k on the clock for about half the OTRP. Can't say fairer than that.

It will also map to about 140bhp :)

maybe you could melt all the

maybe you could melt all the plastic trim you find in the footwell down too and make wooller a new saxo out of it?

Tres bonne Pierre Cheese

Tres bonne Pierre Cheese Eater!

I see you got it home okay - or is that the arse of the AA wagon I can see in the background?

Also, please can you get some

Also, please can you get some some photos of the inside - I want to see some pics of the dashboard.

Doesn't the central 'hub' of the steering wheel stay fixed as you turn the wheel. Or something?

Re: steering wheel. What a

Re: steering wheel. What a pointlessly over the top solution to a problem that didn't need solving. Now I want one!