Job News!

Yes its true, after 71 applications, 10 interviews and a couple of months on the dole I finally have a job! I start on Monday as Account Manager for a company in Penarth that provide a range of business consultancy, e-commerce and e-marketing solutions.

Its a 10 week placement to start but will become permanent if I do a good job.

I'm just glad we have Sky+ so I won't miss Jeremy Kyle!

Update please!

How's it going then dude?

Congrats Mat

Well done big fella.

Let us know how you get on.


Well done

Nice one fella, good luck with all that Jeremy Kyle catching up now you're in the world of work!

Beers soon then!

Well done!

I hope it works out well. Is this a GOWales 10 week placement?

It is a GoWales placement, 10

It is a GoWales placement, 10 weeks cheap labour for someone!

I think they are the ones

I think they are the ones that called me for a reference for you, good job i said good things! Well done mate thats good news, bet you are going to miss all that day time telly.