Gamer Grub

As featured in todays PA, I decided to take a look at Gamer Grub

The odd thing is, hat despite knowing full well it's nothing more than a crock of shit dreamt up in a marketing department somewhere (Looks like an intern project...) I REALLY WANT TO TRY IT.

Does this mean they have won?

Has who won? Gamer Grub?

Has who won? Gamer Grub? Penny Arcade? Or Gamer Grub for getting it on Penny Arcade and getting so many hits on their site they had to put up a "please don't break our servers, buy our product" plea despite Penny Arcade deriding it? (The plea has gone now, they must have upgraded their bandwidth temporarily!)

Let us know how it goes Mart!!

I think this Gamer Grub is

I think this Gamer Grub is one of the lamest things I've ever seen. What's wrong with crisps, for god's sake? I can digest normal human food you know. The Penny Arcade strip was spot on.

Of course it was

You would still try it if it was in front of you though....

Of course I would!

Of course I would!