Christmas Eve 2008

I thought I would throw this out early (Well, you will blink and it will be upon us. It might as well be tomorrow).

The Crows - 6pm - Christmas Eve

I will of course be in attendance despite the fact the Geeks are making me work on the 24th and that my son has demanded his own car for christmas (Not a toy, a fully functional car with tax and MOT). I know we have a few more small ones round this year but thats ok, as they can come too (Well they will be fine up to the point I start on the shorts).

Feel free to sign up on this thread or make your apologies even. I won't mind if you don't come, Ill be too pissed to care.

I will probably be heading to

I will probably be heading to my parents with Sharon but I am hoping to pop in on the way, I need to see what all the fuss is about!

Get me a shirt!


Allow me to consult my hectic social diary to see if I can slot an appearance in...

It seems I'm free.

You were free last year

But you didn't come and see us!

You won't be alone

I will be there with you partner...

just you and i christmas eve

just you and i christmas eve it would seem mr powell..

shall i organise shirts?

If you want

Your designs tend to be more timeless classics than my flash wear twice before destruction