Chicken fried bacon

If you don't read my blog, you should at least read this entry.

Is it wrong...

To be very hungry after trying to watch that? I mean, I haven't eaten anything solid in a week but even so.

Yummies do delveries.....

What's up with you?

No solids for a week! That's out of character....

Delivered kebabs is a great idea.... But even so deep fried, battered bacon would be hard work I think.

Hard work???

Deep fried battered bacon? Hard work?? Are you kidding me?? I'm moving to Texas!!

Closer to home though, has anyone ever noticed that Morrisons sell pig skin? Just for making crackling with!

Yep :)

They also sell Meatloaf which for £1.09 a tin is probably the best value, best tasting meal wou will get when wolfed down with some fresh Tiger bread.

I've made meatloaf a few

I've made meatloaf a few times, it's dead easy. 50/50 mix of minced beef and sausagemeat, with some egg for binding, seasoned + herbs + Worcestorshire Sauce; line a loaf tin with streaky bacon, fill with meat mix, top with more streaky bacon. It's very good.


I am housebound. Just for that fantastic recipe you have given me I now crace meatloaf, You must bring me one!

get one of your newly found

get one of your newly found kebab delivering hookers to drop one off.

That reminds me!

We've got some meatloaf in the freezer!


I may have found a hole in the market.

Kebabs delivered by Hookers!!!

£150 for a shag etc to your door, folllowed by a large Chicken Shish with all the toppings. They even take away all the evidence with them.

Did you not get the picture I sent you?

Codine has a funny way of warping the appertite