Making hot sauce

Hmmm. That looks like a very straightforward procedure. Quick! To the chilli-o-tron!

It's on! I propose a Chilli

It's on!

I propose a Chilli Sauce making extraveganza- who wants to make some? - Perhaps we could make a batch each and do a swap?

Splott Market sells bags of long red/green chillies for about £1. But that does mean that you have to go to Splott Market.

It's like the WI round here sometime - only with less looking out for Grumble Adverts in the local paper!

And so it finally starts!

After a successful trip to good old Splott market yesterday morning, I have started with the production of The Egg's Famously Dangerous Sauce (which is neither famous nor particularly dangerous).

For one whole shiny pound I bought a bag of red chillies (they look like jalapeños, but I suspect they are not). Had 13 of the beasts in there and weighed about 250g. (I only weighed the bag to see how much I would have to have paid in Sainsbury's. Oh and also because I'm a bit sad!)

So home and to follow the recipe! When they say don't breath in the fumes - they really do mean it - it's noxious as hell

I guess I used about 350 - 400ml of white vinegar, it's difficult to say as I was sloshing it in.

This combination of chilli weight and vinegar quantity easily made enough to fill a regular sized jam jar.

It's currently sat on the window cil working it's evil magic. I had a finger dunk and boy is it warm!

Photos to go in the gallery as and when I can get them off my phone.

Edit - Photo's now in the gallery

I had some last night and it

I had some last night and it was absolutely great!

Not, and I was suprised at this, that hot considering it is primarily raw chillies. Quite tasty in fact.

I would recommend it.

I would aslo recommend some of the experimenting that got mentioned in this thread.

I may be performing this

I may be performing this sauce making ritual on Sunday. With the addition of some sugar and garlic I think.

I will be wearing a chem suit though.

A little ginger too, perhaps.

A little ginger too, perhaps.

Make sure to wash your hands well after making it though. Craster from BeeX has told a great story about a mate of his who didn't wash his hands after preparing chillis, and went for a piss. In agony he phoned NHS Direct, who's best advice was "sit down for an hour soaking your cock in a glass of milk".

I've seen recipes with

I've seen recipes with tomato, onion, apple added.

I really think that this is one of those things that lends itself to some good old fashioned tinkering. Am definitely going to buy a big bag of chillies from Splott market on sunday and get experimenting.

Make sure you sterilise your jar/bottle though - 10 mins at gas mark 3 (160 degrees c) should kill off any potential botchalism!

Didn't get a chance to get

Didn't get a chance to get round to doing this on the weekend - I am sure that I will get it done soon.

Me either. I spent the

Me either. I spent the weekend
a) pissed
b) surly

Milton is best for sterilising.

I am going to try this with sherry for a festive kick...

Sounds like perfectly reasonable advice

Which is odd coming form NHSD

Knowing them, they left off

Knowing them, they left off the crucial "dispose of the milk" follow up advice though. Any day you accidentally drink cock flavoured chilli milk is not a good day.

That sounds worryingly like

That sounds worryingly like the voice of experience.

I'll call Crusha and Frijj's marketing departments.....


I was just looking at the recipe again and thought that it could do with some sweetening up.

You'll have to let me know how it turns out with the garlic in it.

Mmmm Chilli sauce!