Eggwan undergoing maintenance

Bear with my through some theme changes and whatnot over the next few days -- I am doing Stuff to the site.

Internet Explorer

I should mention, the site looks rough in IE, but I just don't care very much. Does anyone?

I like it better more!

Nicer now.

Really getting there. And if we make the average IE user think our site is shit then all the better!

Gallery comments

I sort-of have made gallery comments appear on the What's New page, which is something I would very much like to see. Still needs work though, as it seems to not have a hyperlink back to the galery item.

"Advanced forum"

One thing I do like about this new theme -- I can use the "advanced forum" module for Drupal, which gives this forum system some really nice buttons etc, and more pretty boxes around posts. It's supposed to be a bit more like phpbb now, which is no bad thing in my book.

My current oustanding tasks, if anyone is interested, is to make the Gallery less ugly and to import the old wiki content. I'd also like some sort of Twitter integration for the shoutbox, but that's a bigger job.


I've moved the sidebar over to the right hand side. To me, left side == navigation, and none of those bits are navigation really. Whereas right side is more just "extra stuff".

I've made the gallery somewhat less buggered; hidden the big block of data about each album (date, owner, size, etc) and made the gallery's own links (add stuff, add album, etc) work. I still have overflow problems though, the "add new items" gallery page is far too wide for the current layout. Not sure what I'm going to do about that yet.

This theme is... Well, not

This theme is... Well, not growing on my exactly, but offending me less.

I made it less green

And I've removed the CAPS LOCK CARNAGE in the headers on the left hand side. Gallery still looks like ass though, and it's all still a bit too chunkified.

Gallery integrated

It's ass-ugly but the gallery is now integrated into the main Drupal site. If you click Gallery up at the top there, you remain with Drupal, but can look through our photos. Hmmm.

You may not have permissions over your photos, for dull technical reasons I will mop up later. Shout out if stuff is broken.

What the shit?!

I only came on here to make a sarky remark in the shoutbox (now SHOUT BOX, it's in CAPS and therefore SHOUTING. Not lost on me!) Eurgh. We need interior designers.

Apparently my account does

Apparently my account does not have permission to post shouts? Or SHOUTS if you prefer.

Ah, yes. Oops. Fixed now.

Ah, yes. Oops. Fixed now.


One sarky remark coming up.

Hahah. The theme is

Hahah. The theme is technically good, it just needs some nips and tucks.