I think this is excellent. It's exactly what so many other things should have been and possibly the answer to a lot of issues.


It's not perfect, I found

It's very cool but not flawless I found some stuff that wasn't in it. It chews up nearly 256k of bandwidth, so I had to stop running it in work. And the ads are pttetty annoying - they don't bother me on shuffle play but are very jarring if you are listening to an album.

Of course it's not perfect.

Of course it's not perfect. It's like a cross between your MP3 collection and the radio. It's also possible to catch it out (First thing i tryed to do...) but it's largely very good.

It's the ads that bother me.

It's the ads that bother me. I think they ramp up over the first few days; I had none at first, but now it's one 30 second ad every five tracks. I didn't care during shuffle play, but I listened to GodFodder and Troublegum and the four reminders to file my tax return was very jarring. So I went back to my iPhone.