I am getting two, just in case one isn't enough...


Well I own three and I've never seen any ghosts in my house. YOU CAN'T ARGUE WITH SCIENCE.

It gets better.

I have just suggested Carphone get about 800 of these, hopefully this will turn their fortunes around


You'd better be quick Mart...

Announcement !

Since the 5th March 2009 we launch this product, we have received a lot of complaint where you can read the comments on various forum on the internet. Most people against this product which made us unhappy, so we will wait about 2 more weeks if the feedback is remain negative we may decide to terminate Ghost repellent out of our product ranges. Herewith, we apologise for the uncomfortable sensitive caused to you at this time.

Thank you,
(Boondee Laboratory)
11th March 2009

Note*We may sell our prototype to whom interesting to keep this item as a souvenir. You can bid on ebay which we will list this prototype after 2 weeks. The ebay link address will be announced here.