A quiz & some news from the - Fellowship of the Keen.Edge

Ok lads, this quiz is an old one which I stumbled across while browsing the forums at britishblades.com

Where I will be posting images and updates of my ongoing knife projects. And field tests of my own projects eventually ;)

It's much much shorter than the previous one. Have a go if you have a spare hour: -


Hot off the Press:
Here is a sneak preview of my current project. (in progress)

BG Clone

There will be more productivity from me on the knife project front
as I now have a new workshop in my shed.


1. To Gaywood for his help the shed's re-costruction.
2. to the almighty Egg for his help on the workshop.

Awesome Sauce, that BG knife

Awesome Sauce, that BG knife looks great fella.

And here's to doing some woodland wobbling to try out some of your sharp pointy things! Yarr!