Bushcraft - Outdoor shenanagans

Yo! a big hello to all the people I know and need to abuse lots more.

I have been into 'making bushcraft stuff' recently with the advent of the workshop ;)

Anyway: - the F ot K.E & the Shed of Antioch proudly presents: -

1. the alcohol stove (Made from 2 Fanta 'zero' watching my figure so I drank 2 - Pop cans)


2. the Wood-Gas stove (Made from a stainless steel biscuit container & cutlery drainer honest & made with my fair hands)
The knife in pic #2 is my very first attempt at knife-making.


3. the Knife Companion which holds a sharpening stone / honing rod & a Fire-flash


4. Bear Grylls (Bayleyknife) Clone Update Check out the bevel in Pic #3


Other project(s) on the go

Wilkinson Sword Dartmoor knife Blank (no pics yet)
Damascus Steel hunter (no pics yet)
And just taken delivery of some high carbon 01 tool steel for a woodlore - Ray Mears clone.(no pics yet as it's just a bar of steel go-on use your imagination)

Kitchen knife -
Stainless steel blade , Ebony handles, White leather liners & silver steel pins.

Oh and Rob has a new crazily named 'Volcano Stove' for canoeing which inspired me to make the Wood-Gas stove above. I know, I know - other people use a canoe Rob uses a stove.

Taking orders now ;) they all have order number 69 and I will answer my phone in a chinese-welsh hybrid comedy accent for the next two weeks.


I spoke to a few people on

I spoke to a few people on the weekend who wanted to see pics of your handiwork, Rich. Can you put some up?

Having seen some of it in the

Having seen some of it in the flesh and in use I can say it's might good

Can I have a product and

Can I have a product and price list Mr Little? :-)

Volcano Stove = Pikey special

Volcano Stove = Pikey special ;)