Mr Pickles

Wandering around Greenwich on Sunday, I encountered this chap who claims to sell "the hottest sauce in the UK". This claim is cleverly founded on the principle that (apparently) anything over 1,000,000 Scoville units has to be labelled as a "food additive" and not a sauce. So, he sells a 975,000 Scoville sauce.

And yes, it certainly was scorchio. I am told I maintained a fairly poker face but the guy I was with (Craster from Beex) went reddish, purplish, and then had violent hiccups for a few minutes.

This is still some few levels shy of the more nutty stuff Nick and Badger were eating though.

my pallet is actually broken

my pallet is actually broken now.

Really? Is that from having

Really? Is that from having too many mobile phones delivered on it? How's your palate though?

Mr Pickles?

I knew I'd heard it somewhere before. Isn't one of Jonathan Ross's dogs called Mr Pickles?