Pics from Scott's stag do

The pics (and one video!) I took on the weekend are now on Facebook and flickr. However the 51 second video of a rousing chorus of Delilah is only on flickr.

If people could help me tag people on the Facebook set, it'd be appreciated.

I had a random @reply on Twitter from an account associated with I noticed this and I noticed this link: Five Stag Pranks You Shouldn't Try At Home. These two caught my eye.

This first one for sheer ludiciousness:

The story so silly that if we didn’t have a picture we wouldn’t believe it, this stag was taken away on holiday by his mates and they clubbed together and bought him a midget. Who they painted blue. And dressed as a smurf. And handcuffed to the groom. So for four days the groom and smurf had to eat, sleep, drink and… suffice to say, they were close by the end of the weekend.

And this one for there-but-for-the-grace-of-Godness:

One stag was picked up by a fishing boat on the Isle of Wight after apparently being stripped naked and falling off a pier. Locals had alerted the Coastguard after hearing his cries for help. ”He was very cold and said he had been on a stag do on the island. The fishermen dropped him off on Ryde beach and he was last seen running naked towards Ryde,” said a representative. “Obviously we were a bit worried about him catching hypothermia but we haven’t been able to find him.”